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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 02.19.09


General Hospital’s part of the Go Red Campaign SHOULD be kicking off today when Maxie and Lulu return to work at Crimson. The two team up to fix the fashion faux pas. Johnny escorts Maxie to the event and Maxie’s dream episode SHOULD be rounding out GH’s Go Red story. Maxie as BJ in the dream is engaged to Matt Hunter. Robin pays a visit to Maxie’s grave, remember, Maxie was the Jones tot to die that day, not Barbara Jean. In Maxie’s dream, Robin can’t seem to find love, Carly is married to Patrick but they apparently are quite the cheaters and Mac’s an alcoholic. Maxie wakes up and visits BJ’s grave promising her cousin that she will make the most out of the life she’s given her. Been there, done that, have the t-shirt. I know I know I’m being a little harsh on what was one of the best soap stories ever written but Maxie tends to have these epiphanies once a year.

Claudia will find the next DVD but she’ll also bust Kate when snooping through Greystone. Gotta give the girl credit, she declared revenge and barely out of the hospital, she’s going for it. We have a few fans hoping that Ric’s revenge will have him pairing up with Kate. I’m on board! A Kate – Ric revenge hook-up could be hot! Sonny takes his wife’s side over Kate’s tomorrow.


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More Kate… Is there still another Kate Connie Howard Falconari secret? There were RUMORS of Claudia blackmailing Kate’s mouth shut but that seems to not be the case however, I am still seeing that Kate MAY have another pesky secret waiting in the wings and this RUMOR says it’s Olivia who outs her. Way to go cuz! According to these RUMORS, Kate is back to business at Crimson but there’s something off with how the fashionista is acting.

Is the Jackal A-OK? RUMORS say he MAY have some lingering effects from all that smoke. Winnie tells him with Anthony on the run, he’s not out of the jail cell just yet.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… We love JoMax but Spixie still pulls on our heart strings. Is this the same dilemma TPTB are having? Ethan and Lulu are said to be mixing it up, will big brother have his concerns? What about Johnny? Trouble ahead for JoLu. Ric and Alexis have a heart to heart. Diane and Max glimpse? Sort of saw this coming… With ZaCrazy out, will Corinthos-Morgan partner back up and be more powerful than ever? OR will Sonny be the one with all the power. Does Ric want to be DA again? Will a leading lady pop up in primetime?


FANFIC or SPOILER? Is what’s coming up another re-do of an old storyline? Yesterday I mentioned where they MAY be going with Ethan. Is Ethan’s story going to be similar to when Carly first hit town to mess with her birth mother? There MAY be some twists to that story as Ethan is said to charm and flirt with Tracy but I haven’t seen much on an actual seduction ala Carly and Tony Jones. What’s been out and about on RUMOR Road is that Ethan MAY toy with Lulu’s emotions. We know, we know, incest is not best BUT there MAY be another twist to this story (IF it happens). I mentioned yesterday that these RUMORS say Ethan ASSUMES Luke is his dad.