Primetime Spoiler Round-Up!

Primetime Spoiler Round-Up

So many shows are in repeats (remember that digital conversion was set to be happening right about now) that I didn’t have much to scoop on. Let’s see what’s out there in the land of Primetime

Grey’s Anatomy
McSteamy and McDreamy in a McScuffle? Apparently these two beat the hell outta one another. Is it over Little Grey? What’s up with Izzie and her clean bill of health? Well it’s not so clean after all. I mentioned a few weeks back that it looks like those interns messed up the blood sample and Izzie is indeed sick. Will the third time be a charm for Callie?


The cross-over event concludes tonight but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some separate Private Practice scoop. Sheldon and Violet lead a couples counseling group together. Looks like the therapists become the patients. Who’s the daddy? I’m not sure but Lord help me if it’s Sheldon. His character bores me to tears.

I’m a huge fan of BONES but I’m not so sure I’m ready for a Brennan – Booth hook-up. RUMOR has it the pair will hit the sheets before the season ends. First though, something’s up in the lab and the main characters are all suspects.

Was this the couple reuniting they were referring to? On Gossip Girl we all assumed it was a Nate and Blair re-do coming due to that kiss heard around the Upper East Side. It looks like another of Blair’s flames is returning with two missions, to get back with Blair and to get back at Chuck Bass. Who’s the beau? Carter Baizen. What about Serena? Will S and Lonely Boy ever get it right? Not anytime soon as Serena gets a new man and much like her romance with Aaron, these two have met before.

A Big death on Big Love? Try two deaths! Ausiello is calling it a March bloodbath with one of the deaths being a “supporting player.” Guess away on who’s biting the dust and remember, two characters are said to be kicking the bucket. What about Sarah’s impending motherhood? Not sure what will happen with that but her baby daddy will be back. If you haven’t been watching Big Love this season, pull up your OnDemand and catch up because it’s fantastic.


90210 Withdrawal? I know my roommate is suffering from it. 9-0 returns on the 31st of March with a new bad boy named Milo. Liam and Milo hit the drag racing scene. Crisis coming and just in time for Jason Priestley’s return, he’ll be directing the episode. As Jamey dished weeks back, when Donna Martin graduates, err, I mean returns, she’ll confide in her pals that married life is not all it’s cracked up to be. As I mentioned, Dixon’s biological mom also appears in this episode. Adrianna will be looking for adoptive parents for her baby. I’m still saying Brenda winds up adopting the baby. Will Ty move back to Annie now that he dodged the daddy bullet? It seems that there are quite a few recurring roles and guest stints coming up for the zip code. I’ll leave you with these two gems: sex tape and engagement… guess away.

GREEK some girl on girl action. Rebecca and Ashleigh both try kissing girls. Casey and Cappie fight over Max. Evan’s older brother comes to Cyprus Rhodes.

Another shameless plug for Friday Night Lights... The third season DVD has a release date. Look for it on May 19th. mark it on your calendar!