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Somebody STOP Tyra Banks Before She Destroys Civilization!!!

It looks like Tyra "Kiss My Fat Ass" Banks decided to play same-sex therapist on her self-titled talker. The subject was gay men dealing with self hate. Now why these young men didn't visit their local midtown counselor as opposed to appearing on this hot ass mess, hosted by someone who is looking more and more like a character from Alien Nation by the minute, I will never know. In the tradition of Ricki Lake, Jerry Springer and Maury Povich (as opposed to her professed idol Oprah), Tyra made a mockery of the plight of these young men. I am so sick of Tyra, I almost want The CW to give Elisabeth Hasselbeck her own show in that time slot. With gay teen suicide on the rise in this country, the last thing anyone needs is an aging, self-absorbed, catwalker trying to play Frasier Crane. The Devil is SO busy! 

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