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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

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Once again the fab four's giving us the phenom in phenomenal story lines on The Young and the Restless.


Sharon: She has a tough choice to make. After sleeping with Billy, Sharon runs into him at the Abbott mansion and have a tense moment with Jack present. When Jack leaves the room Sharon and Billy talk about what happened and both decide to keep their escapade a secret. Later on Sharon heads over to a bookstore to purchase some books for Noah and swipes some of them unwittingly. Seems like Sharon's having moments where she spaces out and doesn't remember what she did or what she's doing. Sharon receives a call later that her mother is sick and was rushed to the hospital where she and Noah head off for while leaving Eden with the bag of pilfered books. As Eden leaves the store, the security alarms go off on her... While this is taking place, Sharon tells her mom about the episodes she's been having after she finds the ceramic elephant that she lifted from Brad's house in her bag.

Sharon isn't aware of how she has it and has a feeling about what's happening to her and comes to the realization that she's been losing time. Nick calls Sharon to let her know about Eden at the bookstore and Sharon assumes that she (Eden) stole the books and goes off on her for all the lies, drinking and theft she's committed . She then turns her wrath on Noah and then Phyllis who tries to stick up for Eden. Nick tries to talk to Sharon in private and also gets Sharon's rage. Sharon's still pissed at Nick for making love to her and then making the choice to stay with Phyllis and tells Nick to stay clear of her and then she takes off. Sharon winds up at Brad's place with the intent of placing the elephant back but she has a panic attack and starts to get jittery and paranoid and decides to bolt but ends up breaking the elephant. Sharon is starting to have a nervous breakdown due to all the things that has transpired in her life over the last few months. She's going to have to start all over again to find herself and this scares her because she's been down this road before.

Colleen: Get ready for the drama people! Ms. Carlton turns up at the Newman board meeting and declares that SHE will be taking over Brad's seat! (Didn't mama call it and tell ya'll this could be good soap!?) This comes on the heels of Colleen's talk with Jack. Look for Colleen and Aunt Ashley to tangle over the Newman seat.

Things aren't looking up for Luke's she-ro. Jeff decides that its time to put a fork int he marriage and ditches Gloworm and lets her know that he's going back to his ex in Korea and isn't going to hold on for Gloria. Gloria also has to contend with seeing Andrew Gibson, the widower of Emma Gibson who has been suspected of dying due to the contaminated face cream that Gloria messed around with. Gloria starts to feel a bit down in the dumps with everything going on in her life and she does the shocking, cop to her misdeeds regarding the face cream!

Glo dishes it all to son/attorney Michael who's stunned by his mother's actions because Gloria's really being sincere. Michael is proud of Gloria and she intent on changing her life. Just when we think that Gloria's really repentant, she finds out from Michael that Emma died from a bad reaction to the food she ate something Glo has professed all along. Gloria's over the moon with the latest development and is in stunned about everything. When she and Michael head for court, Heather admits that the recent findings with Emma Gibson that Paul and Michael found to the judge. Gloria's walking on air when the judge burst her bubble and lights into her for the cream debacle and decides to rule on the case...

Jana: She starts to see a difference in Kevin and Amber's friendship.

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Jana: She starts to see a difference in Kevin and Amber's friendship.

Baby Delia: After Cane finds out that he's not the father of little Delia, he's still determined to be the child's father and decides to go for custody after having a argument with Billy. Later on, Cane fills mama Jill in on Billy really being little Delia's father and Jill is troubled by the recent events. Jill tells Cane to ditch Chloe and Delia and he lets his mom know he can't do that because even though she's not his biological child, he's her father in his heart. When Cane spots Billy with baby Delia and calls her his daughter he decides to meet with Michael to divorce Chloe and file for custody for her baby. Chloe puts Chloe on notice with his legal matters regarding her and she's floored by it.

Chloe never imagined that by having Cane as her daughter's father would lead him to sue her for custody and is scared that he will bring up all of her schemes and lies to make her look as an unfit parent. Little does Cane know that Billy's also looking into custody of his baby. Cane doesn't feel that Billy is capable to raise a child because of his playboy ways. The boys both end up at the Chancellor mansion to see their baby girl and Cane lets Billy know how he really feels about him which results in them getting into a fight. Even though she doesn't want to pick sides, deep down Jill knows that Cane is the responsible one while Billy's the wild child. Billy leaves and sees Jack and lets him know that he wants to be Delia's father while this occurs, Cane tells Chloe he's going to sue for custody and tells her if she tries to take the little girl away from him he'll set out to show the court what a nut she is.

Cane/Lily: The reunited pair make love.

Katherine/Esther: The friends lives are at stake due to an explosion.

An arrest is made, who is it?

 Another actor may be on the chopping block in part for not having a storyline.