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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Sorry I haven't been around the past few days to post, but I'm covering someone who's on vacation and my life is not my own.

The first half of today's episode was pre-empted because President Obama is here in Canada, visiting with Prime Minister Harper, so I can only comment on the second half of the hour. Most of it confused me, since I hadn't seen the first half, but this is what I've got...

Edward seems to think Jax and Carly can help rebuild the hospital. I'm assuming that the hospital was totally destroyed. If that's the case, where are Patrick and the gang going to work?

Jax and Carly were apparently eating oysters, since they couldn't keep their hands off each other, despite being at work, in front of other people. Professionals much?

Max and Diane became the spokespeople for heart month. No offense to Prego, but no self respecting Italian (which Max is supposed to be) would eat sauce from a jar!

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Lulu and Maxie are at work putting out fires (no pun intended!). Was there a reason why their boss wasn't there?

Kate has suddenly become dumber than a box of rocks and decides to break into the Corinthos's to...what? Look for another conveniently placed DVD? Does Claudia look stupid enough to leave another one behind?

Winifred somehow let herself into Jason's apartment in order to blather on to Spinelli about stuff that made me wish she'd been in the first half of the episode that I missed.

Maybe it was dealt with in the first half, but was there any explanation on anything, the fire, the people who survived the fire, how many days have passed since the fire?

My regular "observations" column should be back to normal tomorrow.