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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 02.20.09


It’s Friday, typically Q&A Day… I’m a bit busy today but I will try to answer when and if I can.

We mentioned Sonny and Jason striking a deal and teaming up to find ZaCrazy… What does this deal include? SPOILER has it Jason offers to return the biz back to Sonny in exchange for help in keeping Spinelli’s butt out of a jail cell. Remember, I also mentioned that Sonny MAY be combining the Z business with his former mob holdings making Sonny Corinthos one very powerful mobster. It is all about the power, isn’t it? Is there a condition to Jason’s proposal? He wants to be an enforcer again and Sonny only gets the biz back when Spin’s record is clean as a whistle.

Sam and Jason take their show on the road… They’ll follow ZaCrazy’s scent to Florida. Too bad for them it’s a false lead as Anthony is still in Port Chuck and ready to toy with his only daughter. I’ll thrown the JaSammers a bone… they pose as newlyweds when they hit the hotel they believe Anthony is at. Remember the drop that Jason confides in Sam? RUMORS say he tells Sam he hates running the mob. Too bad you gave up everything to do it.

Daddy’s got a gun… and it’s pointed right at Claudia’s head. Sonny is worried about his wife and “won’t rest” until he finds her. Remember, Anthony is SPOILED to take Claudia hostage. But will the gun only be to get his daughter out of Greystone and onto a roof with a bomb strapped to her? What is with GH and rooftops lately? What lengths will Sonny go to in order to save Claudia and ironically the woman responsible for putting his son in a coma? Will he let Anthony go free? Wouldn’t that make his deal with Jason null and void?

We MAY not be the only ones noticing the chemistry between Johnny and Maxie. Lulu and Spinelli should be taking notice as well. When Johnny escorts Maxie to the gala in NYC, they pretend to be dating. Will they continue the farce? Will this be Johnny’s new job? RUMORS say Kate is impressed with the splash JoMax made at the gala and she wants Maxie to be the face of Crimson so to speak. Kate will offer to pay Johnny to keep playing the role of Maxie’s boyfriend when she hits the party circuit in support of Crimson and its designs.

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Another tidbit from Maxie’s dream episode… Johnny is the mob kingpin. Tune in Tuesday February 24th when Maxie takes a siesta in Spinelli’s bed. Some say Bobbie will appear some have no mention of BJ’s mom. We will see…


I dished on Robin’s PPD storyline getting a little more and that Scrubs will be looking for a nanny when Robin declares she’s ready to return to work, full time. Conflict ahead for Scrubs? SPOILERS say the newlyweds will argue over Robin’s decision to return to work and that they will have a rough time ahead as Robin’s depression worsens. I’ve given the writers their due on this storyline; it’s the best thing they’re writing right now. Here’s to hoping they keep up the good work.

Finally some love in the afternoon… or elevator, whatever floats your boat. I do find it odd that after watching one day unfold over the last twenty-five days that all we got as aftermath was that Sam, Winnie and Rayner scene but beggars cannot be choosers as I am just happy that day is finally over. But back to Carly and Jax… Is it smooth sailing ahead for the pair? RUMORS have said no but they’ll be telling Morgan all is well between them. Obviously that means they’re once again headed for troubled times. Lady Jane hits town with some happy news! Jax is getting a step-father. Jax apparently doesn’t take to Percy and wants Carly to help him dig into Lady Jane’s fiancé’s past. Is this the plan? Will they recruit Olivia to help them?


Will we see Nadine again? RUMORS had her just sort of fading away in the background. We MAY get a little closure when Nadine dumps the stalker… I mean Nikolas. NotEmily is the only thing the Prince can focus on. Too bad she seems more interested in his brother and it LOOKS like Luke will be getting in on the action when he warns NotEmily to steer clear of Nikolas. NEM fans who are liking ReNikolas (thanks to crazy4gh for that one) SPOILERS say Nikolas will explain the great love the couple shared before her untimely death.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… The Jackal and The Priestess on the run? Patrick wants to stay home with baby rather than have a night out with his wife. Ethan and Robin in a scene together… perhaps a possible sibling tease? Ethan and Lulu scenes. RUMORS have said she’ll be the one to figure out who Ethan really is.