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Sweet Llanview High...Real High

TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco recently talked to television's most entertaining young uns who don't attend school on the Upper East Side while having their lives narrated by Veronica Mars, One Life to Live's Brandon Buddy,Scott Clifton and Kristen Alderson. The trio shared with Branco an exclusive look into their current teen drug storyline, as well as the growth both Buddy and Alderson have experienced on the show, complete with hilarious commentary from GH-transplant Clifton. Here's what Alderson had to say about Starr's transformation from daytime's first kid bitch to the genre's most tortured teen heroine since Robin fell for a boy named Stone:


TVG: At first, I wasn’t happy that Starr morphed into a heroine after being a hilarious kick-ass mini-villain, but I have to say I have fallen in love with this new version of her. In many ways, Starr is the perfect role model for young girls despite her teen pregnancy. Kristen, do you miss bad Starr at all?

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KA: I miss those moments because they were fun to play. I’m happy that Ron changed Starr to who she is now. There are still times when Starr’s backbone returns and she reminds us that she is Todd’s daughter. It’s less devious, but more driven. She stands up to a lot of people. It’s not fun watching a teenage girl being bratty all the time, so I like that’s she’s multi-dimensional. I love who Starr’s become. Having said that, Starr’s going to have trouble in the next month as a role model. But she’s human and everyone screws up once in a while. "