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The Bold and the Beautiful is on Fire

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Okay, B&B is hardly on fire in terms of quality, but we hear that things will be heating up literally very soon. As the gruesome twosome (Rick and Steffy) decide to make love, it seems that someone else has other plans for store for them. Spoilers indicate that a mystery arsonist will try and roast them alive, although it looks like Steffy will escape before the fire starts (due to a warning from Brooke). Drew Tyler Bell is returning as Thomas Forrester on February 25th and 26th, and Jarret the reporter will be making appearances on the 26th and 27th, along with another reporter. Two firemen will be appearing on March 3rd, and L.A.'s answer to the Keystone Cops, Lt. Baker (Dan Martin) and Det. Charlie Baker (Mykel Shannon Jenkins, above), will be on hand to arrest the wrong people from March 4th to 11th. Ridge and Owen will be in the frame, but could the real fire starter be Thomas?

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