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Days of Our Lives Spoilers

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Hey Days fans, welcome to another week of spoilers.  I hope you all managed to catch the ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ final episode for Steve and Kayla last week. Which day was it? Tuesday apparently.  My apologies, if I’d have known, I’d have made it obvious.  This week Stephanie breaks up with Philip, Sami has a mini-bonding session with the-baby-that's-hers-but-doesn’t-know-it Sydney (we’re so being set up for a 'mother’s instinct but can’t admit it because she lied about being pregnant in the first place’ storyline) and ooh… my personal favorite… Kate plans revenge on Chloe for cheatin’ on her wittle boy Wucas. What else in store? Keep reading for this week’s Preview from Denial Island (February 23 – 27).


Poor, poor, Lucas. Just can’t ever catch a break, can he? After the explosion blows the apartment door in, Chloe makes it outside to find Lucas there, not breathing. She tries to bring him back to life and makes a deal with God – save Lucas and she’ll stay with him forever (talk about punishment). God hears her prayers and Lucas breathes. At the hospital, Chloe lives up to her word and tells Daniel it’s over between them, for good this time. Then she makes the classic mistake of kissing Daniel goodbye and who should see? Momma Bear Kate! Whoo hoo!!! I’ve been waiting for evil bitch Kate to return.

Kate is planning revenge – on Chloe. When Kate first hears that the engagement is off, she tells Lucas not to give up. But like a good drunk and victim of an explosion, Lucas has forgotten the news about Chloe’s affair with Daniel, so he’s inclined to follow her advice. But when Kate sees Daniel and Chloe kissing goodbye, she goes in to tell her baby boy and then realizes he doesn’t “know”. What to do, what to do… I know! Get revenge on the scarlet woman, and who better to help, than Chloe’s other Number One fan, Victor. Does Chloe have any idea about Kate’s change of heart? No, she still thinks Kate is all concerned for her bone marrow donor’s welfare… little does she know…. And what about Daniel? Well according to spoilers, he’s “profoundly affected by the breakup”. Why? Maybe because this time the breakup is for good and he’s wondering where his next booty call is coming from… (erm... read on for Bo's vision... would they dare?)

Philip’s going over to the dark, I mean, Kiriakis side of himself. After figuring out Nicole was hiding something from EJ, he blackmails her. At the same time, Stephanie has broken up with him for good, and despite begging and pleading, she remains aloof. Daddy Victor offers Philip some advice – grow up and be a man Philip, Kiriakis’ don’t grovel. Will the cold shoulder treatment work? Considering they are both doing it to each other, does it strike anyone else as rather petty and pathetic behaviour? Oh well, this is Days.

Nicole doesn’t like being blackmailed, but hey, when you’re carrying around as many secrets as she is, someone’s bound to discover one of them and hold it against you sooner or later. Not everyone’s as whipped as Brady. Philip makes Nicole convince EJ to give up Nick’s Alternative Fuels Project (I refuse to acknowledge the she-devil that owns the rights to that). Nicole uses her insecurities over Sami’s return to make EJ see her way (UGH, EJ!).

Sami shows up at DiMansion to collect one baby after leaving the other at the convent with Rafe. Nicole gets the heebie jeebies and thinks Sami wants Sydney. Of course she doesn’t, but that’s what a guilty conscience does to you. You’d think Sami would recognize it when she sees it, but sadly she’s been hit by the dumb stick also. EJ comes out and the two share a moment (Ejami fans squee!). That’s probably going to be my other highlight for the week. EJ asks Sami if she’d like to hold Sydney, and lo and behold, the maternal instinct kicks in and Sami feels all emotional (because it’s your child, Sami). I’m not really sure if Sami leaves with Johnny, but I do know Sami hot-tails it over to the hospital when she finds out Lucas has been injured. While visiting him, Lucas asks about Grace, but Sami tells him she was stillborn. Ack, this can come to no good, I tell you. Then who shows up, but their son Will! Begs the question why he’s back… he couldn’t have gotten there that quickly after Lucas’ accident… maybe he returned for the birth (I’m just guessing here peeps).

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In the Brady household, Hope tells Bo she wants to come home during a conversation at the park. She still thinks Bo doesn’t trust her, how can they have a marriage without trust? Later, Hope goes to see Bo at the police station and they tell each other they miss each other. Hope wants Bo to tell her when he gets a vision. Bo agrees, but then upon parting, he sees a vision of Hope getting it on with another man (are you thinking what I'm thinking?) and you can be rest assured, is probably going to keep that one to himself. At least until next week.

In Other, Shorter Storylines:

  • EJ breaks up the smackdown between Stephanie and Melanie
  • Stephanie finds Brady's shoulder to cry on
  • Melanie is hardly mentioned in the spoilers, Max and Chelsea not at all

Coming Up Next Week (March 2 - 6):

  • Bo reveals his vision to Hope
  • Lucas and Chloe get back together (do they have to?)
  • Rafe and Sami kiss in front of EJ, who's none too pleased about it

That's it for this week. As always, leave me a comment with your thoughts, or come join us in the TFO Days forum.

Brooke's All Important Disclaimer: I think I'm looking forward to next week's spoilers... stay tuned!