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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’ s the Scoop! 02.23.09


Sorry for the delay…

Who’s the new guy on set? Gotta love Facebook as Sarah Brown has once again updated her status and spilled some SCOOP: Sarah Brown thinks "The New Guy" working with Kimberly McC is going to stir you ... And um ~ also that he is smokin Hot ;). Naughty Nicki will surely appreciate the hot part. But who’s the new guy? Even Sarah doesn’t seem to know. RUMORS say Ethan and Robin will be sharing the screen soon, is that the newbie Brown was referring to? Is there someone else coming aboard? Guess time will tell as the scene SHOULD pop up on our screens in about three weeks.

Sam and the Jackal P.I.’s extraordinaire? When Sam declared her desire to become a P.I., many Sam fans suggested she and Spin team up. RUMOR has it, that MAY be happening when Sam asks Spinelli to work for her. Question though, shouldn’t Sam be working for Spinelli? He did get his license first… Will Winnie be involved?

Is Sam getting arrested? Is it Sonny and Jason’s fault? There have been RUMORS that Sam’s apartment will become the feds property to search. Where will she go? I guess the JaSammers get another bone from me as RUMORS say she’ll be back in her former residence.

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Is the Dante story dead? RUMOR had it that it was and one reason is said to be the difficulty in casting the role. The latest is that Dante MAY not be as stalled as originally thought. While the casting MAY still be on hold, the story MAY be moving forward. Could be FANFIC, could be legit but here’s how it MAY go down… Jax is said to find out about Olivia’s son being Sonny’s and the two will be spending more time together making Carly question what is going on between her husband and sort of friend. Jax knowing Olivia’s secret gives the pair something to bond over. Will Carly find out? These RUMORS say no.

Nikolas does some digging… into Rebecca’s past. Elizabeth thinks something is up with the look-a-like.


More Spinelli and Lulu scenes? Those are coming up plus Ethan and Lulu. More Johnny and Maxie.

When Sonny once again blows Kate off will she try another tactic? SPOILERS say Kate MAY be going to Carly with what she knows about Claudia.

I’m not a Lulu fan but I do like Julie Marie Berman … According to reports from a fan event, she said TPTB don’t give couples enough time to be happy. I agree! This fan event had JMB filling in for an absent Kirsten Storms who had to pull out to film that pilot I mentioned last week. It was Bradford Anderson and Julie chatting up the fans.