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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Am I the only one who thought today's episode was a bit of a letdown? Is it hard for anyone else to believe that everything that happened in the hospital, all happened "last night"? They should have distanced themselves by a couple of days.

Is it possible for Patrick to show up at Mercy and start working there, just because GH is burned to the ground?

Why were Spin and Lulu so upset and up in arms about the gala thing? It's not like JoMax were going to throw down, right there in front of the Campbell's sign and start going at it. I found it awfully immature on both SpinLu's parts to be that upset, to the point where Spin was going to break the sprinklers to get the thing to end. Maxie had to go, Johnny was her date. No biggie.

Just how tired could Maxie have been that she falls asleep while Spinelli's talking to her? I never understand that when I see it on TV. Somebody's talking and the other person just nods off. I've never been that tired, except maybe about an hour after giving birth after 48 hours of labour.

Basically Sonny and Jason have kissed and made up. But, instead of agreeing to be co-partners with equal say in how things are done (and who gets whacked!), Jason has now been demoted back to having to take orders from Sonny and he's okay with that? Blech.

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Kate/Claudia: Still not understanding Kate's logic or why she thinks it's smart to blackmail Claudia.

Rebecca/Nik: Anyone else totally uncomfortable during that whole story of the twuest wuv that evah wuved? I don't understand why Rebecca would have gone to Windemere in the first place, much less why she'd sit there and listen to a perfect stranger drone on. If she was originally at the hospital to get a job and the hospital is gone, than she should be too. Unless she quickly gets a job at Mercy, it won't make sense to keep her in town. Here's where Emily's clinic would have come in handy.

Scrubs: Good to see they've moved forward during the past month-day <eye roll>.