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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 02.24.09


Here we go again… Is there a new opening in the works? The new General Hospital is set to re-open in April and RUMOR has it that a new opening for the show will also debut. We’ve heard this RUMOR a million times, it never actually happens and some are saying it’s pretty costly to produce a new opening for the show. More costly than a new set? Cause I would have been much happier with an updated opening over a new hospital. That’s just me though…

Other RUMORS about the hospital re-opening… One says secrets come out at yet another gala/fundraiser. For the love of all things holy, please let a secret come out. Every time a secret reveal is teased, it never happens and really, don’t we have enough secrets? OH speaking of secrets, who is really responsible for Michael’s shooting *cough* Claudia *cough* is about to become as well of a kept secret as Jake’s paternity. So basically everyone but Sonny will know the truth. Which brings me to another RUMOR. Will Kate tell Jax about Claudia’s involvement? Would Jax keep that from Carly? Remember I mentioned that Jax MAY be learning Olivia’s secret as well. Like I said… too many secrets.

Maxie’s dream is today. I hear it’s good and worth watching.

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