Fourteen Reasons You Have to Watch OLTL Right Now!

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One of the most perplexing aspects of this industry right now is why the stellar One Life to Live isn't closer to the top of the ratings heap, and while we all know the Nielsens are about as accurate as Dick Cheney's aim,unfortnately they are what television lives and dies by. In an effort to get more people to watch OLTL, TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco devoted the entire month of February to One Life to Live. With the month drawing to a close, Branco posted 14 Reason why you should be watching the only ABC soap to ever give The Young and the Restless a run for its suds, in quality, if not in viewers.

Here's my favorite from the list:


7. Smart men, smarter women

On this soap, characters actually learn their lessons. And pay for their crimes — well, except if your name is Todd Manning."

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