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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


I know it was just Maxie's dream and dreams tend to not make sense, but this episode really, really didn't make sense.

First off, Robin's scene at Maxie's grave didn't ring true to me. If Maxie had died, she and Robin wouldn't have been raised as sisters, so why would Robin be this torn up over 4 year old Maxie's death, so many years later? Also, Robin is somehow some lonely old woman who's doctoring is the only thing she has going for her, all because she doesn't have Maxie in her life? That's pretty egotistical, even for Maxie.

Mac's life may have been different, since he was involved with Felicia, so I guess I'd accept that he'd be a drunk now.

All the talk about Carly and her breaking up Bobby and Tony, well, BJ's death was pretty much the catalyst that sent Tony in Carly's arms, so if BJ hadn't died wouldn't it be fair to think that Carly/Tony would have never happened?

Patrick came to town years later because Robin went and got him to operate on Jason. So how is he even in this scenario? And can anyone see pre-Robin/horndog Patrick hooking up and then marrying Carly?

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I did appreciate that without Maxie, Lulu would still be working at Kelly's and I did get a chuckle out of Spinelli's annoyance with her. The "bitter one" indeed! Also, it took me a couple of scenes of Lulu being bitter against BJ before I realized that they were first cousins.

I was also glad to see that they dusted Bobbie off so she could have a scene with BJ, but then they went and ruined it by having get the boot. That Guza, so subtle.

Showing the gravestone was a bit tricky as well, since it read "1990-1994", which means Maxie should be 19. She has been SORASed beyond the point when Kirsten Storms was brought in to play her. That's why once you SORASed the kids, you can never go back and say what year that child was supposedly born or when their parents were married (Luke and Laura with GV's Lucky as their son!)

Funny line of the day:

Patrick to Carly:
"I find you in this flea bitten bar"

Coleman (to himself): Hey, my rooms are clean, man"

All in all, I could have lived without the episode. I'm really hoping that when the show gets back to normal tomorrow, that several days have passed since the hospital burned.