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General Hospital Spoilers!


Here’s the Scoop! 02.25.09

Sonny gets the biz back but will it be smooth sailing? Remember, the men working within the Corinthos-Morgan organization prefer Jason’s style over Sonny’s.

Elizabeth is still in the hospital? Why? Everyone else is running all over town despite being exposed to a deadly toxin YESTERDAY! Should I be complaining that at least Elizabeth’s longer hospital stay actually makes sense? More on my girl Liz… She MAY have been a big fan of RealEmily but NotEmily, not so much.

The new Quad is SUPPOSED to be Nikolas-NotEmily-Lucky-Elizabeth. Will the Q’s factor into Rebecca’s story? There are some REPORTS that they won’t be as involved as the fans would hope. Typical GH, missing a HUGE opportunity. BUT, Edward does share the screen with Nikolas and Elizabeth while Elizabeth is still laid up in the hospital. Surely they’re discussing NotEmily. How much airtime will the former four musketeers get? Not sure. Rebecca will like Lucky better than Nikolas and as I mentioned, Elizabeth thinks something is definitely up with the look-a-like.

Let’s talk about Rebecca Shaw. Who is she working for? Equinox? The Feds? Agent Rayner? What’s her story?

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Is Ethan part of sweeps? A clue to who he is MAY be coming out mid-March.

More Maxie and Winnie mixing it up. It’s the Maxinista and the Priestess duking it out over the Jackal.

Lady Jane is engaged… Jax is not too keen on his soon to be step daddy. Is Percy a gold digger?

Please let this one be true… I’m pretty sure we’re all on board with a Ric-Kate team-up to exact a little payback on Sonny and Claudia. RUMOR has it, it is coming.

Shocking Sweeps? After the underwhelming never done before in daytime stunt we just sat through, painfully I might add, does anyone care that some insiders say we’re in store for a shocking sweeps?

The other Burton… the NASCAR driver is at Jake’s with Patrick and Coleman.

Sorry for the short post. I’ll be around, but not around today.