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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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You gotta love time travel on this show dontchya! In the time that it took Sam to get a maid's outfit, put it on and get down to the pool, Anthony had already flown back to PC and snuck into the, oh so secure Corinthos house. Also, why did Sam need the maid's outfit? She hid in the bushes, then she and Jason jumped out, guns blazing, only to find the place empty. Couldn't she have worn regular clothes for that?

So, Kelly's burns to the ground. Instead of getting a new coffee shop like you'd expect when a set gets destroyed, we get the same Kelly's, looking exactly like it did before the fire as though nothing ever happened. I know Luke told Mike that they were going to rebuild it so that it looked the same, but right down to those old yellow menu boards behind the counter and the dirty grime in the windows that Nik was trying to see through? Eeesh!

I didn't appreciate Kate berating Lulu and Maxie for thinking on their feet, considering that they saved her butt and the magazine. In the meantime, she was off playing Nancy Drew and blackmailing Claudia with no evidence. Is it still blackmail when you have no evidence?

I don't mind CarJax, but again, stop slobbering all over yourselves in public. If I walked into a five star hotel and personnel were making out at the desk, I'd leave.

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Rebecca/Sonny: Please, please tell me were aren't getting more Soily, or in this case Re-Soily. Did I hear Sonny actually say that Nikolas didn't "deserve" to be with Emily because he cheated on her with Courtney? This from the guy who can't keep it in his pants? Shut up, Sonny. Oh, and leave poor Spinelli alone. Glad to see Claudia stick up for Spin a little.

Loved that Benny didn't bow down to Sonny and basically told him to shove it.

Line of the day:

Benny to Sonny:
"The men are very happy under Mr. Morgan's leadership. Don't expect them to welcome you with open arms."

And once again, Sonny messes up Jason's work. If he hadn't told Spinelli to stop the money transfer, Anthony wouldn't have known that someone was after him and he would have still been there when JaSam jumped out of the bushes. That Sonny. He really is an idiot.