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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Luke/Ethan: I had completely forgotten about these two until they showed up today. And quite frankly, I could have lived without them another day. There is something about the two of them together that rubs me the wrong way. Although, I did like that Tracy ripped Luke a new one about his family being in peril and him not bothering to find out about it. I'm hoping TIIC have a better storyline for Ethan than just being a con because that's gotten very old, very quickly.

So, Anthony took Claudia to Kate's house? Because that looked like her living room to me. Did I miss some explanation there?

Good to see Jason and Sam got the same speedy flight back that Anthony did. Was it just me or were LuSam friendlier and nicer to each other than they ever were while they were dating?

I am so not interested in Jason versus Sonny round 897. Sonny's going to be the hot head and Jason's going to be the voice of reason. Sonny won't listen and Jason will be proven right. Wash, rinse, repeat.

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Why would Rebecca stay in town now that her job is no longer there? She came to town specifically for that job and it's basically not there anymore, or won't be for awhile. She hasn't really settled in yet and she knows no one in town and everyone is up in her business about a dead girl that she's a ringer for. Wouldn't you think she would leave town and either go back to wherever she came from or look for another position in another town? She said she is an x-ray technician so Nikolas offers her a job at Metro Court? Hotels have x-ray techs on staff now? Then Lucky offers her a waitressing job and she takes it? None of this makes any sense. Olivia staying in town made no sense either, but at least she had a cousin and an ex in town. Rebecca has no one and is annoyed by everyone. Leave already.

I liked the Nik/Liz scene, but Tyler Christopher is really playing this as incredibly annoyed and I don't know if that's his intent. Is it that "Prince" Nikolas is used to people jumping when he tells them to and Rebecca's nonreaction to him annoys him? Or is Tyler playing this all wrong?

CarJax: I prefer scenes like today, with them discussing their problems then all the PDA we've been getting from them. Very realistic stuff from them, I thought.