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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 02.26.09


It’s gonna be a quickie today.

What’s going on with Nikolas and Rebecca? We know she’s starting to get annoyed with so much attention from the Cassadine Prince but will they be attracted to one another? Some RUMORS suggest that Rebecca will be spending quite a bit of time with Nikolas. Let’s not forget about Lucky or Matt. RUMORS have said Rebecca takes a liking to Lucky and she MAY be spending time with Matt.

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If Rebecca takes a liking to Lucky what’s in store for Lucky and Elizabeth? SPOILERS say the former flames agree to slow their reunion down, not wanting to make the same mistakes all over again. Let’s hope the writers feel the same way. Lucky tells Rebecca he’s a family man and kids just may not be Rebecca’s cup of tea. I guess it’s a good thing we never see Spencer or Nikolas may have another hurdle to overcome.

Is Ethan a Scorpio? That is one POSSIBILTY and really the one I am hoping for. FANFIC or SPOILER or Fan’s wishful thinking… Is Robert Scorpio returning to Port Charles? IF Ethan does turn out to be his son, he has to, right?

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Is it an overheard phone call that has Elizabeth questioning Rebecca’s motives? Spinelli gets a fake passport. Remember he and Winnie are RUMORED to be hitting the road. Will the Quartermaine’s get a storyline? RUMOR has it they MAY get one involving Equinox and the hospital. Jason and Sam come to an understanding. Trouble ahead for Scrubs? Will the honeymoon be over for Carly and Jax? Will Lucky be arresting Sam? Kate keeps threatening Claudia. It’s Jason, Sam and Winnie on the case of saving the Jackal. Will it be Carly who decides to get Michael treatment? RUMORS have Claudia paying Michael a visit. More JoMax kissing?