Gloria Baldwin Fisher Abbott Bardwell Goes Free!

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THIS JUST IN: Proving that justice does come to those who wait patiently in jail, have a good lawyer and can afford to dig up proof of innocence, a Genoa City judge has dismissed all charges brought against Gloria Baldwin Fisher Abbott Bardwell (Judith Chapman).


These developments come after evidence was uncovered by Paul Williams (Doug Davidson) proving that the once believed victim of the "face cream poisoning" had actually died of anaphylactic shock, due to a severe food allergy.

Now free, expect to see the Genoa City socialite, and one-time Abbott matriarch, return to the social circuit as she begins to burnish her tarnished reputation.

In other news: A.D.A Heather Stevens' losing streak of high profile cases continues. Sources close to the District Attorney tell us he is less than pleased that the only person she seems to be able to convict is her ex boyfriend.