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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

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Some explosive things are headed our way on The Young and the Restless.

Clint has Esther take a letter to Jill for the ransom money. Esther tries to tell Jill that Katherine is alive and Clint has her but Jill doesn't believe it. Esther let her know that Clint and Roger have threatened to kill Kay unless they get ransom money but Jill is not buy it. Esther even tries to sell off her portion of the Chancellor estate to Jill and she declines since Jill doesn't trust Roger or think Kay is alive.  Things aren't look up for Kay and her quest to be freed by con man Clint. He sets a bomb to blow up Katherine and Esther when she's unable to get the ransom money for her old friend. Kay knows that Clint is not bluffing with killing she and Esther since he had that in mind years ago the first time he tried to get his hands on her money.  Kay sees that the writings on the wall and tries to wrack her brain of the first time around she tangled with Clint so she can show that she's really Katherine Chancellor.


Katherine remembers a time when married to Rex, Clint gave Gina a pair of diamond earrings, when he hears this Clint realizes that its Katherine in the flesh since Marge never knew about that bit of info. Meanwhile Kay tries to convince Roger and Annie to let her go but the duo's shoot her down. Esther arrives back at the motel and lets them know that its no dice on the ransom and Clint loses it. Kevin and Amber start to poke around the motel and Annie hustles them into believing that she hasn't seen Katherine and they both leave. Kevin returns once again because he remembers seeing Katherine's coat in the room, Clint then stabs him with a drug that knocks him out in order to set him up for everyone to think that Kevin was behind the bomb. As the timer on the bomb starts to run out, Esther starts to lose it and tells Kay how sorry she is for the mess they are in when Katherine lets her know that they will make it and to stop beating herself up. Katherine eases her chair right up next to Esther as a way for them to try and untie the ropes off of each other. Kay has decided not to go out without a fight and will die trying.

Cane/Lily/Billy/Chloe: The saga continues with this foursome. Billy decides to pop the question to Chloe for the sake of the baby which in stresses to her. Even though she loves Billy, we all know how these marriages wind up for Chloe so she shoots him down. Jack swings by to speak with Chloe and persuades her to move into the Abbott home and tells her that Billy will fall in line with their marriage. Chloe lets Billy know she's agreed to get hitched but that their marriage has to be a genuine one and not one on paper, Billy concedes to her stipulation. The youngest Abbott heir also folds into giving up his place and move back into his family home with Chloe but when its time to do it, he's a no show. Chloe takes it upon herself to swing by his place but he's not around so she then gathers up all of his stuff and takes it back to Casa de Abbott. When Cane goes to see Chloe, he lets her know that since she and Delia moved without telling him he's going for full custody. While this takes place, Billy pops up and tells Cane that he and Chloe are going to be hitched. Later on Cane asks Lily to marry him after the two make love.

Neil/Karen/Tyra: The new Mrs. Winters decides to step up her A-game and threatens Tyra and also lay downs the law with her hubby.

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Victor/Ashley: She gives the black knight some eye opening news that prompts him to pop the question.

Adam: He's seen by an optometrist (eye doctor folks).


Adam: There is a rumor that Adam starts to lose his eyesight like his mother. This looks like it may be leaning towards a spoiler.

Ashley: Word is that she gets knocked up by Victor. Viewers know that when Ash lost her baby with Brad she wasn't able to have anymore kids. That was with Brad, she's with Victor who has the magic sperm it seems! Its starting to lean towards a spoiler since she gives him big news and he pops the question to her. Now another rumor floating out there is that Ashley is actually going through menopause.