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Anatomy of a Nervous Breakdown

Sharon Newman Abbott (Sharon Case) is slowly but surely coming undone on The Young and the Restless, and that's exactly how the actress likes it. Check out what Case told Michael Fairman about her character's slow descent into madness:



So, with all of this heartbreak the time was ripe to break her to pieces. It’s very interesting how they are taking apart Sharon’s spirit and mental stability.


I am interested in how they are doing it, too. One thing about Maria Arena Bell’s (co head-writer, “Y&R”) writing is that when you have a breakdown, it’s not only for an hour in a day you have a breakdown, and then life goes on. This is something that happens here and there a little bit each day, over periods of time, and over weeks. That’s how breakdowns happen. I think when people talk about a nervous breakdown they say, “I had a nervous breakdown between 12 noon and one, and now I am all better.” (She laughs) It does not also mean you are in a straightjacket full time. It just means you are going to act bizarre and you are going to have panic attacks at different intervals. It will be hard to deal with."

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