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From The Suds Report: Will Tuc Watkins Just Sign A Long Term Deal Already? Plus, Imaginary Conversations!

I was just about to blog about next week being Tuc Watkins' last week as David Vickers, er Vickeroshi, er Buchanan on One Life to Live when TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco revealed in this week's Suds Report that Watkins is already back taping a return engagement! Now listen, enough is enough. Who does Watkins think he is, hisDesperate Housewives costar Nicollette Sheridan? Hell, I'm gonna re-injure my carpal tunnel-afflicted wrist on account of trying to keep up with his comings and goings!


Seriously though, I am loving David this time around. He is sort of the male equivalent of my beloved Another World vixen Cecile DePoulignac (Nancy Frangione). Every time he comes into town he sprinkles Llanview with a heaping helping of comedy and sex, and after the anything-but-sexy rapemance we definitely needed that. After you read Branco's scoop on Watkins, you simply have to scroll down to the bottom of Suds for his knee-slapping Imaginary Conversations with daytime's top execs. I had to go ring out my adult diaper after reading the first paragraph!    

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