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Should Maxie Fall For Johnny, or Keep Her Heart Smart for Spinelli on GH?

What's that they say, if you can't beat 'em, poll 'em? You guys know how I feel about practically all of my favorite General Hospital pairings (Liason, Spixie, Skate, Nikolas and Nadine) being torn asunder for reasons that are based more on corporation than characterization, however, I must admit one of the new potential equations could work for me, and that's Johnny and Maxie. (Has the squish name factory given them a joint moniker yet?) 


Don't stone me fellow Spixie fans, but Brandon Barashand Kirsten Stormswere kinda hot together during all the Go Red dress drama, plus their connection annoys the heck out of the increasingly grating Snarly 2.0 aka Lulu (Julie Marie Berman), which is an added bonus. Now I definitely still want the Maxinista and Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) to find their way to soapily-ever-after— complete with a prerequisite presumed death, switched baby storyline and three, splashy Sweeps week weddings set to John Mayer songs— but this is a soap, and there has to be conflict, and something tells me Maxie likes her conflict like she likes her pizza, hot, Italian and heavy on the pepperoni.

What do you think, should Maxie give Johnny a spin, or should she finally realize that all she really wants is to be Jackaled, over and over and over again?

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