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All My Children Spoilers

SUPER-SPOILERS for the upcoming week!


Adam/Zach/Kendall: Adam feels he has gained the upper hand on his rival, Zach. He lets Zach know he is now armed with the truth about who really was behind the wheel at the time of Greenlee's accident and he is prepared to wield this knowledge.

Zach/Kendall: Zach asks Kendall to choose between loving or hating him. She chooses the former; Reese catches them in the afterglow and is devastated.

Kendall/Reese: The two declare war. Kendall accuses Reese of plotting to steal Zach from her, who in turn warns Kendall she is no longer going to be a pushover.

Zach/Reese: Zach tells Reese to leave town. Things turn physical when Zach grabs her arm, she pulls away, loses her balance, and suffers a bad fall. As a result, Reese loses her sight and blames Zach initially but later forgives him. DOWN THE ROAD: Expect them to play another round of tonsil hockey the week after. Yep. That is love in the afternoon, Pine Valley style. Speaking of which...

Ryan/Kendall: Even though Ryan learns the truth about Greenlee's accident (that Kendall can't steer her car, let alone a tricycle) on Wednesday, Ryan and Kendall comfort one another in their grief, and pay tribute to her memory. All the while, Ryan's anger remains directed at Zach. Speaking of which, Zach will be privy to an intimate moment behind the grieving ex-lovers on Friday.

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Greenlee's Memorial: Mary Smythe will make an appearance at Greenlee's memorial service on Thursday, as will Opal who picks up an odd vibe about Greenlee.

David/Amanda/JR: David exposes all of Amanda's misdeeds to JR. An irate JR kicks her to the curb, after asking that she sign papers giving him custody of "their" child, but later pledges to stand by her and the baby after a talking-to from Tad. But that is not all...

David/Krystal: Does David ever rest? Between plotting, David, who starts to develop real feelings for Krystal (he tells her he wants a baby with her), finds time to marry her at Wildwind on Tuesday. But Krystal isn't going into this completely blind (or is she? read that prenup girl!) -- she confronts David about his scheme with Amanda.

Jake asks Amanda to move in with he and Tad.

Krystal/JR/Little A: Krystal will find JR drunk and Little A tipsy (having taken a drink from the booze JR left sitting in an accessible spot). After seeing this, she decides to support David in his scheme to get custody of their grandson.

Taylor/Brot: This comes completely out of left field -- Taylor will wake up in Brot's arms early in the week!

Aiden/Annie: In right field -- Annie, growing more attached to Aiden, shares a kiss with him. But is she as well as she appears?

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