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Days of Our Lives Spoilers

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Hey Days fans, welcome to another week of spoilers.  Sami’s back on your screen every day, we get to see a bit more of nuWill, and much, much, much less of Melanie (sorry Molly, but WOOT).  Chloe and Lucas kiss and make up, Sami and Rafe share their first kiss, and Max and Chlesea kiss and bump uglies.  What else is in store?  Keep reading for this week’s quite slim and basic Preview from Denial Island (March 2-6).


The Alternative Fuels Project.  Is it just me or has this story really fizzled out?  Is it because Melanie is involved?  Whatever it is, I don’t care, I don’t think you care either. Hope you guys don’t mind, but I’m skipping it.

The Rafe/Sami/EJ/Nicole/Brady merry-go-round really goes full force this week. EJ learns just how close Sami got to her witness protector Rafe when he spies them kissing.  Unfortuantely for EJ, this comes after he and Sami get all hot and bothered with some verbal sparring – Sami doesn’t believe in emotional blackmail like Nicole, she just gives it back as good as she gets. Man, I’ve missed that (I think EJ has too).  Now that Sami’s back, the Brady and Nicole triangle can start up; Nicole tells Brady that EJ has forbidden her from seeing him, blah blah blah don’t care about Nicole.

Stefano cares about Nicole though.  Hallelujah, is the usually all-seeing, all-knowing Phoenix finally figuring out that something’s just not right with his future daughter-in-law?  When Nicole goes to see Sister Teresa this week, Stefano has her followed! Yes! Is this the start of DiRetribution?  I sure hope so.  Nicole finds out Sami told Lucas her baby was dead, she wants to know why. Still can't being myself to care. On a lighter note, Stefano asks Kate out on a date.  Methinks she’s too busy planning her version of retribution on her future daughter-in-law Chloe… ah, so that’s what she and Stefano have in common… apart from the ex-high class call girl thing… whatever.

Unluckily for Kate, Chloe and Lucas decide to get back together, but not before Will has a go at Chloe for being the cause of his father’s accident.  Go Will!  You’re not Lucas and Sami’s child at all, jumping to conclusions like that lol.  Lucas makes peace and asks Will to be his best man at his and Chloe’s wedding – hold up, wasn’t he the best man at his and Sami’s wedding?  Will Will do it?  How is Daniel coping with Lucas and Chloe getting back together?  He’s over at the Cheatin’ Heart, where Chelsea finds him pining away.  Will she comfort him?

Nah, she’s over Daniel (much to the disappointment of Ms Melvin herself), and moved onto bigger and better things – her adopted uncle Max.  This week the two of them have another bust up that’s just to create some sexual tension before they bump uglies – look away Wednesday and Thursday if you don’t want to see.

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Now I haven’t forgotten Bo and Hope, although I’m sure it may seem like it with this crappy ass storyline they’re in right now, and who didn’t see this week’s spoilers coming – Bo has another vision of Hope with another man, who turns out to be Daniel.  For frack’s sake, is there anywhere this man wont go?  Funnily enough, it might be Max who bear’s Bo's wrath and not Daniel, maybe he finds out his little bro was with his daughter.  Watch out Max…

In Other, Shorter Storylines:

  • Philip kisses his ex, Stephanie
  • Nicole and Chloe try on wedding dresses
  • Melanie wants her money from EJ

Coming Up Next Week (March 9-13):

  • Rafe tries to become a Salem PD cop
  • Chelsea and Max break up
  • Tony wants the Alternative Fuels Project. For the love of the soap gods, WHY?

That's it for this week. As always, leave me a comment with your thoughts, or come join us in the TFO Days forum.

Brooke's All Important Disclaimer: I must apologise for buliding up this week's spoilers last week.  The more that was revealed, the more crap they got.