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Ex- Days Leading Man Drake Hogestyn: "I Could Have Been an Actor, Then I Got a Soap Opera"


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Former Days of Our Lives superstar Drake Hogestyn has finally broken his silence over being treated like just another "spoke on a wheel" by Ken Corday. Here's a snipped of what the man who brought Jason Bourne to daytime revealed to the LA Times:

"There's an old expression: I could have been an actor, then I got a soap opera," Hogestyn said.

"It stopped being about me. It stopped being about me going out for film. It stopped being about me pursuing anything that I wanted to do -- what my dreams were as an actor," said the father of four. "My mission was to provide for these little birds in the nest. . . . I think that's why I kept the character alive for so long."

Now, he said, "I have taken a couple steps back to breathe. It's always been the show, the show. . . . Now, I can be selfish if I want."

Hogestyn also talked about how hard it had been to give up John Black's signature eyebrow arch, and that we was considering doing Viagra commercials. In other news, Dena Higley is still employed. Still doing your Mama and Daddy proud there Kenny!