Heather Stevens and the Three Strikes Law

No offense to Heather Stevens (Vail Bloom), but in a string of successful lawyers on The Young and the Restless, she sure got the short end of the stick. Cricket Blair (sorry, she was never Christine to me), John Silva and Michael Baldwin have had great success as lawyers over the years, so what the frack happened to Heather Stevens?


The State of Wisconsin adopted the Three Strikes Law for criminals, which basically means if you commit two crimes, you're in the slammer after the third. If the law were applied to inept attorneys, our poor Heather would be collecting an unemployment check by now. Of course, it doesn't help that some of her losses have come at the hands of her father Paul's crack investigating to get to truth, justice and the American way.

Strike One:

When she first appeared in Genoa City, she was hired as Assistant District Attorney and thrown head first into the bullring when she had to go up against corporate powerhouse Victor Newman. Unknown to Heather, The Moustache has a long memory. Like an elephant, he never forgets and her mishandling of the murder case of JiMin Kim would establish their relationship, which is still on shaky ground today. She accused Victor of murder and was convinced he was guilty, but he wasn't. Victor was not convicted and walked.

Around the same time, she was investigating the death of Plum, a man found dead by Amber and Daniel. There was no arrest or conviction in this case either. Due to the confusion caused by convoluted storytelling, this will count as a ball, not a strike.

Strike Two:

Victor and Heather would butt heads again when she tried to prove that he murdered Walter Palin. Palin was really a mobster named Tony Amato, who was on a boat in Mexico at the same time as Victor. They got into a tomcat brawl during a tropical storm; one survived and one didn't. Heather was convinced that Victor committed murder to avenge the untimely death of his new wife Sabrina and their unborn baby. No dice. She could not get the proof needed and the charges were dropped.

While he was wandering around France in a London headfog babbling French poetry, Victor torched the chateau that he bought for Sabrina. Our gal Heather pulled out all stops with the international authorities to get Victor arrested and brought back to face charges in Wisconsin. Without sufficient evidence, Heather never stood a chance.

Strike Three:

Luke's bestest buddy, Gloria "The Slonkey" Bardwell, tainted some Jabot face cream resulting in the death of one of Lauren's acquaintences. Much to the disgust of viewers like me, Gloria paraded her glittery milkshake all over town without any remorse or consequence and we got to see it five days a week. After a very, very, very long time, she was jailed for several blissful weeks after her husband applied the face cream to himself in order to entrap her. As a result, he acquired severe burns and managed to get a confession from Gloria that she doctored the cream. Once again Heather set out to win a conviction, but when faced with facts that the victim died of food poisoning and not the cream, she was set free. During her unfortunate incarceration, Gloria had a big reduction of airtime and underwent a transformation to become a palatable character who is now a thread of the GC fabric and not the entire tapestry on which everything else hangs.

Heather has been out of the DA's office before because she fell from favor due to her inability to win a conviction. This time around she looked defeated. She was barely present in the courtroom when Michael Baldwin blew holes in her case against Gloria. Is she tired of losing yet? It was as though she knew the outcome before the judge started. Maybe all that hair is too heavy on her head and she can't concentrate. Surely she's capable, but in the long standing tradition of Genoa City lawyers, she has a long way to go for redemption. She better get on it fast, or she may have a hard time finding a new job in these trying times.

Thanks to Jillian Bowe for the word slonkey.