Just How Pathetic Will GH Make the Cassadines?

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Since NotEmily's (Natalia Livingston) arrival in Port Charles I've been trying to figure out what The Powers That Be were up to. Today I think I figured it out. This has to be a conspiracy to make the once proud Cassadine family even more pathetic than the lows achieved during the Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) as Dobson the Butler storyline.


I refuse to believe that any Cassadine, even one birthed by the sainted womb of Laura Spencer and who many believe to be "the good Cassadine," would be so pathetic as to do what Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) is doing now.

This is not how a Cassadine behaves, much less the prince of the Cassadines. Any Cassadine worth their salt would manipulate, steal, kidnap, or even kill to get what they want. Look at what Stefan and Stavros did because of their "love" for Laura. Alexis killed to protect Kristina. I won't even go into the many things that Helena has done. 

I understand that the Cassadines seem to live in their own little universe. Alexis spends more time sparring with Diane than with her nephew, but she doesn't actually have a story. Occasionally, such as today, we see Nikolas and Alexis in scenes together. Nikolas spent most of 2008 with Nadine or mourning Emily in solitude, but other than a few scenes with Liz and Lucky he's a standalone character.

Is it to much too hope to ask that the two remaining Cassadines be integrated into the show more? Oh and can someone, with a bit of vampire knowledge, please tell me at what age a Vampire goes through puberty? It's time for Nikolas to grow a pair of fangs and embrace his darker side. I'm over Nikolas the good Cassadine.