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Sins of Omission: Which Missing Soap Star Deserved a Daytime Emmy Pre-Nom?

Another year, another Daytime Emmy Awards Pre-Nominations List that is more about popularity and pimping the Usual Soap-spects, than it is who turned out the best perfornance. As if all of the broadcast networks and SOAPnet taking a pass on airing the doggone show wasn't reason enough to deem the Daytime Emmys irrelevant, why should we care about the awards this year when Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki, The Young and the Restless), Eric Braeden (Victor, The Young and the Restless) and Trevor St. John (Todd, One Live to Live) didn't make the cut? Also, I love me some Luke Spencer, but what did Tony Geary do the whole five minutes—three if you subtract for vacation time—he was onscreen in 2008 to warrant a pre-nomination when Steve Burton (Super Jase) and Jason Thompson (Patrick), both of whom drove story all year and turned in stellar performances, are absent? Y'all know we're gonna be doing a special podcast about this hot mess! Until then, what's your take? Of all the omissions from this year's Daytime Emmy pre-nominations list, who is the most glaring and why?

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