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As usual, the behind-the-scenes soap scum—seriously, who knew soaps could be this dirty?— at our favorite sudsers is much more interesting than what we're getting on our screens. Since revealing some of these morsels might cause myself and other members of DC to have to go into Witness Protection on the Big Brother ranch with Alison Sweeney, I'm gonna drop them as Blind Items.

Fans wondering why this popular star isn't heading back to daytime, now that a soap is bringing back her former character shouldn't be mad at the daytime drama, the actress is actually nine-months preggers and due to pop any second!



The unfortunate buzz at one daytime network is that there is still a LOT a peeing on trees going on! 

"There was full-on battle over story control a while back," says a source. "That's why two of the soaps on the network are so awful. People think [the executive] has backed off, but [he or she] hasn't! There is no such thing as autonomy on this network!"


You can forget about seeing this dismal, young adult actress fired anytime soon, no matter how much DC editors or the fans call for it.

"She has friends in the production office," explains an insider.

That explains SO much. Meanwhile, another actress who is slightly—just slightly—better on the same soap could be getting the axe soon.

"They're bringing on a new younger lead, a SORAS'ed character from a core family, and if she doesn't have chemistry with him, she's out when her next 13-week cycle is up!" says the snitch.

Hmm, wouldn't it be awesome if executive producers, network executives and head writers were given 13 weeks to shape up before being shown the door? I mean, aren't they the one who hire these people to begin with and then write absolutely terrible storylines for them? Just a thought!


Cast members at this soap are just as frustrated as the fans about the pathetic state the once magnificent serial finds itself in.

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'I am worried for my character," admits one soap thesp.


This daytime star is absolutely REFUSING to let the soap he or she works on script a reunion for the iconic supercouple they were once a part of– even though fans have been screaming for it for years!

"[The Star] says if the reunion happens they will walk when their contract is up!" sighs a frustrated source close to the show.

If I were the soap in question, I would tell the star not to let the doorknob hit 'em where the Good Lord split 'em!


One legendary soap veteran is outraged at recent casting decisions at his popular sudser, especially the exit of a fellow actor who he has played opposite on the soap on-and-off for almost three decades.

"The way to save money is to fire children, not veteran stars!" the actor gripes.

The fact that his character has been relegated to sharing the occasional cluster fudge scene with the other vets the show hasn't axed, can't be helping his mood.


It's a good thing this wildly-popular two-soaper just landed a new gig, because he or she is NEVER going back to the soap that made them famous, says insiders. 

"That ship has sailed," the source says. 'The fans can forget about it."


To end this on a good note, it looks like at least one troubled soap has been bought some time.

"It can't be confirmed yet, but it looks like the show will indeed be renewed for another year," says the source. 

Whew! That was a close one! Let's pray the rest of daytime is paying attention so that another soap doesn't have to come thisclose to being sent to the Great Network in the Sky!