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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Was I the only one bored out of her skull today? Here's what I got....

Carly worried about the umpteenth threat to Morgan, but once the threat was over she was all chummy chummy with Jason again. Way to forget your very recent worries there.

Carly and Olivia (who looks like she's 70 years old with that hairdo they have for her) spent hours discussing how terrible, yet how yummy it is to have been one of Sonny's women.

Anthony, despite knowing that Jason needs him alive, doesn't take the opportunity to make a run for it. Instead, he allowed himself to be caught by Jason and Sonny.

Despite a timer that reads three minutes, Sonny managed to call Jason and got him to talk him through the dismantling of a bomb. It's a good thing he had a cell phone with great service.

Anthony dropped a hint about Claudia, but then decided not to spill the beans for some lame reason about not wanting Johnny to get retribution.

Apparently, nearly dying at daddy's hands turns Claudia on. I don't need to see ClauSon kissing, thanks.

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Nikolas decided to show Rebecca that he's not a stalker, by stalking, I mean, showing up at her workplace insisting that she be the one to wait on him. Then he grabbed at the food she was carrying making it fall to the floor, leaving a mess to clean up.

We got five minutes of Alexis trying to get Nikolas to see reason and then she was gone.

Maxie, despite being raised by a police officer, yelled at the federal agent who was only doing his job by arresting her friend Spinelli, the criminal. If she's not careful, I'm going to start calling her Lulu.

Lulu, as usual, got in a snit because Johnny wanted to talk to his arrested Daddy. Instead of waiting for him, she left.

Elizabeth is getting the Kate treatment because she's still in the hospital, long after everyone else has moved on.

The only good thing today was Greg Vaughn (Lucky) in that yummy dress shirt he wore instead of the mangled sweatshirt thing he's usually in.

Please, can we have some Ric, Patrick, Robin, Nadine, Matt and Tracy soon?