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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 03.03.09


Still waiting for the Nadine dumps Nikolas stuff? Me too! It looks like it happens this week. A little late, no? I mean, Nikolas has been stalking NotEmily for days now… wait, are we still only a day or two away from the toxic ball crisis? This show is moving so slow, I’m confused.

Speaking on NotEmily…Rebecca to those who like to call her by her actual character name. It looks like a few people will be suspicious of the look-a-like and Luke warns NotEm to stay clear of all things Cassadine which as Luke pointed out yesterday, is just Nikolas now a days.

More Lucky and NotEmily? Remember, I mentioned that NotEmily takes a liking to Nikolas’s brother. I’d like to see how this goes. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I sort of liked that tease we had of Emily and Lucky way back when. RUMOR has it, more scenes for the childhood best friends…wait, she’s not Emily… she’s not Emily… yeah okay. Will NotEmily’s preference towards Lucky cause problems for the Brothers? What about LL2? Well I wasn’t on board so I’m not too upset that LL2 MAY not be the story. Will GH actually write a good triangle? RUMOR has it a brother vs. brother triangle is coming, I’m not so sure about the good part.

There have been questions regarding Michael’s SORASing. Why all the Dylan Cash glimpses if the plan is to age the character of Michael? It SEEMS that the role has yet to be cast or TPTB are not ready to announce it just yet. As far as I can tell, the character will be aged.

Carly finds out there is an experimental treatment that could wake Michael up. How much risk will Carly and Sonny be willing to take to give Michael his life back? Will Sonny turn to his wife for advice? As I’ve mentioned, the secret about who really was behind Michael’s shooting is about as well kept as Jake’s true paternity as more PC residents find out the truth. Question is, will one of them spill? RUMOR has it that it’s Carly who gives the final OK on the procedure. Will this cause conflict between CarSon? Jarly scenes coming up.

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The Jackal is on the run. No fear, he’s not alone, Winnie will be along for the ride. It doesn’t seem that they are on the run for long. Maxie, Sam and Jason will all be in the hunt to help the Jackal. Will Spixie fans finally get a pay off or will TPTB crush your Spixie loving hearts? SPOILERS say Spinelli holds Maxie’s heart and Johnny and Lulu’s relationship in his hands. But who will be the hero in the end? Spinelli! HOLD UP WAIT A MINUTE… Will Jason Morgan ever get his hero cape back?

Robin and the Post Partum Depression… Those Ethan scenes SHOULD be coming up (like I said, GH is moving WAY TOO SLOW) and when the pair meet, Robin tells Ethan she is childless. Is Robin doing something that will have serious repercussions for her marriage and family? Will Elizabeth provide angst for Scrubs? There is a RUMOR out there that Robin will have a little insecurity about her hubby and her friend. Nothing is going on between Patrick and Elizabeth.


Less Sam? It SEEMS it could be the case as Kelly Monaco’s Peep Show has her away from LA for most of the week. I’m assuming they’ll jam as much filming into the time they have her as GH has taped more than one show in a day before. Despite that though, I would also assume that some weeks will be a little Sam light.

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit… Sorry Sam and JaSam fans, I am not one of you and have never pretended to be. Here’s your bone… Marriage of Convenience RUMORS popping up. Remember there was some RUMORED trouble that Sam finds herself in and Jason MAY be the reason she’s in trouble? Well RUMORS have an MOC as a way out of the mess. Keep your salt boulders handy as this may be a slight exaggeration of what’s to come.

CRAZY and RANDOM RUMORS… Will Rebecca Shaw undergo a DNA test? Will she be aware of it? What will the results be? Sam and a new “partner in crime?” Ugh, more mob in March. A Ric Lansing sighting… he’s getting a new job. Kate has a plan and Olivia MAY be busting her cousin’s bubble, again. Jealous Johnny? Over who though? One RUMOR says Lucky believes Ethan is a con artist… LOL wasn’t it already revealed that he’s a conman? Why must they make Lucky so dumb? Johnny, Lulu and Maxie… JoLu will have a fight over Maxinista. Will Johnny open that garage? Why must GH recycle so much?


Contracts coming up… In this economy, they have to re-sign, don’t they? Is that what Frons and ABCDaytime are hoping for?