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What If Molly Burnett Actually Received An Emmy Nomination, And Won?

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Every year at Emmy pre-nomination and nomination time we the fans pore over the official list of pre-nominees and nominees and then debate who we believe deserved their nomination, who was robbed and who shouldn't be on the list. Then comes the discussions of whether or not alleged block voting will have an impact on who wins or if this is all just one big old popularity contest.


At this point I'm just coming out of the "they were robbed" stage. I do not know what Melody Thomas Scott and Trevor St. John are going to have to do, but apparently it is easier to do the work of one's career than to get an Emmy pre-nomination. Meanwhile Molly Burnett, hair model extraordinaire, received an Outstanding Younger Actress pre-nomination for her portrayal of the widely reviled Melanie Layton. 

Most who know me can attest that I tend to over think things and this "what if" isn't any different. What if Molly Burnett actually received an Emmy nomination while - worst case scenario - Kirsten Storms or Kristen Alderson were snubbed? Could hell actually freeze over? Might television as we know it cease to exist? Or would every polar icecap melt within 24 hours and destroy the planet in one giant tidal wave of destruction?

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I'm almost scared to ask this, but is the Emmy nomination process just screwed up enough that Burnett could get the nomination, and win?

The moment this question flashed across my mind I jumped to the big night. Isn't the Outstanding Younger Actress category one of the first to be announced? Even if it isn't, I may need to keep some Valium on hand so that if she did win I can make sure I don't have a heart attack, see visions of the apocalypse or find myself locked up in Shadybrook. I do not have time or energy it takes to try and get out of Shadybrook and I refuse to end up like Laura Spencer.

I don't mean to scare anyone, but what if?