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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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As a non Sonny fan, today's episode really bit it for me and I find that I don't have anything nice to say. Please tell me tomorrow is a Sonny-free day, because I desperately need it.

Ok, who thinks Claudia will get pregnant (accidental or planned) in order to hang onto Sonny? I'm thinking a baby will be the only thing that would make him not kill her once he finds out about her involvement with Michael's shooting and we all know that secret will come out. There were enough anvils today about married bliss for me not to think otherwise.

Patrick annoyed me with the whole, "hey, stay home so I can spend time with you" stuff. Your girl is stuck inside with a baby all day, she needs a break. Also, there is no way should he have left the baby in the care of the local mob boss, who's son has been recently shot in the head. He had other options, like the hospital's day care. Did they change baby Emma? She looked different and had a ton of hair.

I didn't understand Robin's insistence that Sonny divorce Claudia now that Anthony's out of the picture. That concern seemed to have come out of nowhere and was meant to prop up ClauSon.

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Yes Maxie, let's celebrate the fact that the evil law enforcers didn't win by throwing Spinelli in prison for a crime he actually committed in the name of the mob.

Spinelli/Jason: Should I get all misty that the brain damaged mob guy has given the computer geek a life?

Nik/Rebecca: As a non-Nem fan, I'm not caring about these two.

Wow, I'm quite in a mood today, aren't I? Let's hope tomorrow is a better day, at least for me!