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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 03.04.09


Michael’s waking up but will he have a new face? Those clips in the promos are old shots as someone pointed out and all SPOILERS point towards a SORAed Michael Corinthos coming our way. Could be why Michael’s face isn’t in this batch of SPOILER pics.

Who will make the decision to go ahead with the risky procedure to wake Michael up? Yesterday I SPECULATED it would be Carly who gives the final go ahead and really, with no rights to his son, Sonny has no say. Carly, Jax and Sonny all meet with Patrick.

Ethan starts meeting the rest of PC. He meets Lulu at the Haunted Star. Lucky MAY be coming to NotEmily’s aid when the three are on the docks and Ethan punches Lucky! RUMORS have Elizabeth meeting the newbie as well and telling him he reminds her of someone. Don’t forget, Robin also meets Ethan and tells the drifter she has no children.

Is the triangle being set-up? Remember I mentioned a possible triangle where Laura’s sons butt heads over the Emily look-a-like. So far, Rebecca seems to be okay with Nikolas’s stalker ways. Will that all change? The more the prince spies on her, she should be getting more uneasy and RUMORS have her slapping Nik.


I mentioned Robin and Jason scenes coming. They SHOULD be about Michael. But Robin still has her Post Partum Depression to deal with and things SHOULD be getting worse before they get better. I also mentioned Elizabeth being angst for Scrubs but it’s not angst in the truest sense. She’ll be a friend to both Robin and Patrick with Robin seeing Elizabeth as this “ideal mom” and that will bother the struggling Robin.


Elizabeth back on the back burner? That’s out there and this Liz fan ain’t happy about it. We all have our favorites and she’s always been one of mine. I’m not looking for a debate. As I said above Elizabeth will be angst for Scrubs to a certain degree and RUMORS say LL2 re-do has been dropped in favor of brother vs. brother. Elizabeth SHOULD have some scenes with the boys and Lucky coming up but that MAY have more to do with Lucky and Rebecca as well as feeding into Robin’s PPD storyline.

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The Quartermaines can give Elizabeth some backburner advice as that’s pretty much where they live. Tracy will have her moments with Luke and this Ethan crap (sorry, to me it’s still crap) but as we’ve already dished, she’ll be weary of NotEmily as well. With Emily’s look-a-like in town, the Quartermaines have to be involved right? One would think and they MAY get some screen time but it appears any Q family involvement will be minimal. NOW, there are some RUMORS that Rebecca will scam the Q’s, that she MAY even take up residence in the mansion BUT there are still those pesky RUMBLES that Rebecca is really working for Equinox. RUMORS have a Leslie Charleson sighting in the works.


CRAZY and RANDOM RUMORS… Michael connecting with Robin? Robin misses her date with her hubby. Mac has issues with Patrick and blames him. Is Robin “running away?” Look for the PPD storyline to wrap up by month’s end with Robin admitting she has a problem. Once again RUMORS are popping up that Megan Ward MAY be leaving sometime this spring/early summer.

Who are the newbies and what are they doing with my Jackal? There were RUMORS that a mysterious woman would be spying on Spin. Is Winnie still going on the run with Spin? Or is she just helping to save his hyde?