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LIVE BLOGGING: Graham Shiels on Nip/Tuck!

Graham Shielsis on Nip/Tuck bitches!


He vants to lick your blood!

Why in the name of Dracula didn't GH offer this guy a contract?

He and his girl are some kinky mo fos! I haven't watched Nip/Tuck in like three seasons, because they SO jumped the shark, so F/X should thank Graham for bringing me back tonight!

Kanye West 's song is the perfect theme for this show with Christian Troy's ego!

Sean's making dinner for some chick.

What's up with the orange scrubs?

Bo Duke?!

Agh! AnnaLynne McCord sighting!

Why is Christian's girl having a threesome with Bo Duke and that no acting girl from 90210?

Slap Bo again Daisy, er Kimber! They know they were wrong for that Confederate Flag on the General Lee!

Graham better watch his girl! Christian will have her booted over doggy style by the third commercial break!

Wow, storytelling that has THEMES! Vampires live for ever, Christian wants to live forever via cryogenics! Brilliant! Why did I stop watching this show again? Better question, why do I still watch DAYS and B&B?

I always thought Simon Cowell and Christian Troy had a lot in common. Cowell's being frozen too!

Where is Christian and Sean's fag hag, I mean their joint wife Julia?

Matt's eyebrows are still weird.

What is Christian dying from?

Sean and Christian are primetime's answer to GH's Jason and Sonny. Get a room!


Primetime has awesome commercials. Sigh.

Calvin Klein is a pervy SOB!

Devil Wears Prada promo, thumbs up! Mr. and Mrs. Smith, thumbs DOWN! Team Aniston-4-Life!

Geesh, when is the show coming back on? I see why I DVR stuff! Oops, sorry advertisers!

So is Sean freaking the chick in the scrubs?

It's only fitting this show does a vampire storyline. Vampires are sexy and Nip/Tuck is sexy. Even when it is bad, tonight, not so bad!

Sean you're a douche, she had a death in the family! So what you couldn't hit it!

Is she lying?

Does Julian McMahon miss Judi Evans? Y'all know he was on Another World, right?

Matt has a kid with Christian's girl?! Is this Peapack?!

I guess Matt got over the she-male.

Christian's marrying his lesbian anes..aenis...that person who makes people go to sleep?!

No! Christian can't die! Not until he and Sean admit their feelings for each other!


Get it Christian! Flip her over!

Why is this ho on oxygen?

Hey! Hey! Twerk it girl, with yo' freaky self! Did Robin Strasser write this?

That's it, get on the same beat!

She's bat shit crazy!

Maybe soaps can get Michelob to sponsor them? I could watch B&B drunk.

Where is Jules?

I have got to see Rachel Getting Married!

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I want to see Australia too, even though everyone says it sucks. I bet Nicole Kidman is glad she is free from The Couch Jumper! 

They should put Graham Shiels in the Twilight sequel, he's having the Best Vampire Year Ever!

Meow! The Lesbian Bride vs. The Bitch, and no this isn't All My Children!

Liz loves Christian? Does he have a secret Va Jay Jay?

But...Kimber has a kid with his son!

Christian is sleeping with Liz?!

"This isn't over Butch!"

No, Chuck Pratt you can't steal that line for Kendall to say to Reese!

Michael Jackson has one of those portals, no?

Simon Cowell does, oh wait, I already mentioned that!

Can Sean fit in the same one as Christian? There is no way in hell they can be without each other for all eternity!

Christian will live on in Sean...Snort! You got that right!

Okay, they stole that whole vows writing bit from Sex and the City The Movie!

Graham Shiels sighting!

Is Christian gonna get down on the floor and suck blood with 'em?

Who are these tacky losers in the bad outfits?

Oh shit, that's Sean's girl?

Is she schizo?

Dixie? I thought she was from Texas? We are a country all unto ourselves, we ain't Dixie!

Unattractive people shouldn't be allowed sex scenes.

Oh the bitch killed him! Help me Holy Ghost!

"You poor fool, why'd you have to fall in love with me?" Days of Our Lives to Jamey Giddens.

That damn Grand Theft Auto is why all these crazy ass kids are killing people at the school house!

I Love You Man, great. Another Frat Boy comedy. I can't wait to see it. Right after I watch Madea Takes Manhattan.

How many times do they have to tell me this is for mature audiences.

Sean is in love with a serial killer.

Matt's eyebrows still creep me out.

I can't get the My Two Dads theme song out of my head.

Chad Allen was in My Two Dads.

Chad Allen was on GH: Night Shift.

Graham Shiels was on GH: Night Shift.

Why isn't Ryan Murphy catching hell for having a lesbian marry a dude? Chuck Pratt says get up off his nuts!

Stop them Kimber! He's the love of your life! He's the father, wait, grandfather of your child!

Is this The Bold and the Beautiful?

Now they know Christian don't know how to care for his son's 'Fro! Cut that boy's hair!

These are some FREAK NASTIES! I love it!

Why does this boy's head look like Gary Coleman's circa 1985?

This show now officially has more black people than GH and B&B.

Oh shit, Christian is gonna live...and he's married to Ellen!

The Last House on The Left has more skeevy looking pervies than an episode of Guiding Light featuring the Foley brothers..and Jonathan.

Okay, all done, tune in to the Season Premiere of Nip/Tuck in 2024 to find out what happens!