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Sherri Shepherd The Inspiration For Sitcom

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Sherri Shepherd has provided countless laughs - some intended, some not - since joining The View. Some of those laughs have come from the re-telling of how she dealt with her husband's philandering.


Well, if those stories have ever made you think to yourself "this would make a great sitcom" you are in luck. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sherri will star in multi-camera sitcom loosely-based on her life and will revolve around "a woman who contends with her husband's infidelity and his illegitimate child when she allows the child and mother to move in with them." The series will air on Lifetime.

This isn't the first time a morning talk show host has pulled double duty. Many Daytime Confidential readers probably remember Kelly Ripa's(ex-Hayley, All My Children) hilarious Hope and Faith. That series lasted three seasons.

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