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AMC's Zach Slater is PIG VOMIT! Bring on Rendall!

Regan asked you guys earlier if you were ready for a Rendall Redux and from the looks of things, DC readers aren't trying to feel a reunion between Ryan and Kendall on All My Children, but I sure am! Those promos are taking me right back to the magic that was Rendall! Alicia Minshewand Cameron Mathison have always sparkled together onscreen, and they still do.

It was an abyssmal mistake to ever inject Green-Me (Rebecca Budig) into Ryan and Kendall's orbit. As for Zach (Thorsten Kaye), my ability to tolerate The Cambias That Ate Pine Valley died with Myrtle Fairgate (the late Eileen Herlie).


Zach is a Grade-A jackass, who thinks he should never pay for anything he does! He shot Kendall's poor, unaborted brother through the head and showed about as much remorse as a celebutante after her sex tape is "leaked".

If killing Whatshisface wasn't enough, Zach went on to kiss the fiance of Kendall's beloved baby sister Bianca (Eden Riegel), after having lied to Kendall for months about donating his monkey love to Binks and her Sometimes-Sapphic Significant Other Reese (Tamara Braun)! No child of Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) would put up with Zach's foolishness one second longer! I say let Reese and Zach have each other. They're two peas in a Pine Valley— a pair of shameless, confused hot messes. Bianca and Kendall both deserve better! Bring on Rendall!

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