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Did Y&R's Nia Peeples Put Eva Marcille and The Soap's Executive Producer on BLAST?!

We just found out that The Young and the Restless actress Nia Peeples apparentlyput a few peeps at the CBS soap on blast during her interview with Brandon's Buzz.


Now we haven't heard the interview ourselves yet—can't wait to get home and listen!—but according to a summary at Soap Opera Network, Peeples allegedly (Y'all know I'm a journalist so I have to say allegedly until I hear it for myself, no disrespect!) talked about how Y&R executive producer Maria Arena Bell allegedly tried to fire her when she took over the show and that the brass lied to her saying she would remain on recurring and her character Karen in Genoa City, then when Peeples, who was hired by Lynn Marie Latham, showed up to tape her last show the script read that Karen was moving to New York. According to Peeples, they were probably afraid she wouldn't show up to tape her last show!  

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The actress apparently bought herself some time by informing her agent that because she had just started a new 26-week cycle they couldn't fire her. Now, I'm just a simple country boy from Texas, but shouldn't her agent have been the one to tell her that? 

Other juicy tidbits from the interview include Peeples talking about how she had the impression Kristoff St. John (Neil), as well as others in the cast and crew were glad she was there, as opposed to Victoria Rowell (ex-Drucilla). Now didn't St. John gush in Soaps in Depth (Or was it Digest?) about how Rowell was basically the only good leading lady he'd ever worked with?

The former Walker Texas Ranger star and The Party Machine groove-thang-shaker also revealed how it allegedly used to take three or four takes for Eva Marcille (Tyra) to get a scene right. According to Peeples, this was because Marcille wasn't "listening" to Peeples, who really gets 'in to her scenes". :O. Okay Nia, boo, I ain't trying to be funny, but from what I'm seeing on my TV,  ain't neither one of 'yall in any danger of being nominated for a Golden Globe anytime soon, so you could have kept that one to yourself!

Peeples didn't commit complete soap opera suicide during the interview, however, she reportedly had positive things to say about the legendary Paul Rauch, co-executive producer of Y&R, revealing how he told her she is the 'most professional actor on the set' and "elevates everyone elses work!" I don't know about y'all but I can't wait to get home today to hear this hot mess!  Thanks Syreeta for the tip!