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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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A Sonny free day. Woohoo!!

Why is Winifred telling Sam all the FBI secrets? (And that’s not a slag on Sam. I would have asked that question no matter who Winnie was talking to). She became an FBI agent for a reason. One would assume it’s to keep law and order and put criminals in prison, yet she’s willing to throw that whole career down the drain for a guy she just met and barely knows. Fine, he’s the male equivalent of her, but still. It doesn’t make sense. On a shallow note, I so hate the braids and the giant parka. On a show where most girls are going sleeveless in winter (Lulu, Maxie) Winnie’s wearing that coat like her life depends on it.

I liked the Spinelli/Maxie scene and his silent goodbye. It was very sweet, but I’m not looking forward to Maxie shrieking at Jason to find him or SpinWin on the lam for the next however many months.

Speaking of shrieking, is there another setting to Lulu other than snarky, biatchy or shrieky? Was that stuff between her and Ethan supposed to be a chem. test? If it was, it failed miserably, mostly because of Julie Marie Berman’s delivery of everything. We get it, you’re annoyed. We get it, you’re pissed off. We get it, daddy didn’t love you enough. Ugh.

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The Qs/Rebecca: While I do find it nice to see the Qs, that whole set up was way silly. Why would Rebecca accept an invitation from Edward in the first place? She doesn’t know him. Why wouldn’t she hightail it out of there the minute they started yelling at each other instead of grabbing herself a drink? This girl is not behaving normally in this situation, even though this is a soap. Now, if I thought for a minute that it’s because Rebecca is hiding something, like she’s pulling a con on the Qs and Nikolas, or that she’s brainwashed by Helena, then I’d be all into it. I think it’s bad writing and that just annoys me.

I liked the Matt/Nadine scene and I feel there was enough chemistry there that if they don’t follow through with them as a couple, that they’ve wasted something good. In fact, it makes me wonder why we have to have Ethan when they don’t even write for the guys they have, like Matt. (And Ric. Where is my man these days?)

Robin, Robin, Robin. Love her to death, but why would she go out for a drink in the middle of the day? I know it was so that she could interact with the boy toy du jour Ethan, but if she did need some alcohol before going home to her baby, wouldn’t she go to Jake’s and not The Star? It makes me shake my head.