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Is Laura Wright Just as Sick of GH's Mob Storylines as You Guys?

When it comes to General Hospital's mobtacular storylines, it looks like the show's leading lady feels the same way much of GH's fans do. posted transcripts from a Fan Q&A with Laura Wright (Carly) and Tyler Christopher (Nikolas). Here's what Wright reportedly had to say when asked about the mob storylines:


The fans are so sick of the mob! When will the stories be about the hospital again?

Laura: You know, everything that you guys think, we think. We read the script and say 'What the hell?' For example, there was a good storyline in place between Jax, Carly and Nikolas. But it was overruled because apparently Carly needs to hang out with Sonny and Jason. That was a bummer."

Now you guys know the mob storylines are a big part of what got me hooked on GH, and I hope they are never completely phased out, but for months even I have had to admit they have become woefully repetitive. I am marking the days until Sri Lankan mob family descends on Port Charles. My question is, since the ratings for the show are dropping annually, the majority of the fans want the mob storylines to stop overruning the show and even the actors are fed up, why the hell doesn't GH stop with the Goodfellas-in-Port Charles bit already?

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