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Joanna Johnson's Return To B&B

Joanna Johnson 's reported return to The Bold and the Beautiful will be as Karen Spencer, the kidnapped-as-a-baby, identical twin of Caroline. Despite the character of Karen remaining on B&B for three years (1991-1994) in her own right, she never endured the huge popularity of Caroline, Ridge's first love.


Although Johnson's return is thought to be short-term, if Bradley Bell and Co. could do the unthinkable and raise Caroline from the dead, would this be a better idea? The character of Taylor Hayes has been killed several times and returned from the dead, so, don't give me any lip about implausiblity. This is the show that had dead Taylor in an open casket for days on end, the show that sets wild bears on half-naked, honey-smeared bimbos.

UPDATED: Joanna Johnson will only be appearing for two episodes, set to air on Tuesday, April 28th and Wednesday, April 29th. She is rumored to be returning for her father (Bill Spencer)'s funeral.

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