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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

Things have started to get a bit eye opening on The Young and the Restless. That's all a chick can say right about now.


Devon: He has a lil' showdown with Neil.

Cane/Lily/Billy/Chloe: They all have a face off.

Katherine: In the aftermath of the bombing, Katherine finds herself in the hospital with Amber and Esther by her side. They inform her that everyone still thinks that Katherine's dead and she's really Marge. Katherine lets her friends know that she doesn't remember the past few months. Billy happens to be at the hospital and walks by Katherine's room and she shouts out to him. Katherine then asks Billy when did he come back from Hong Kong and this makes Billy realize that its really Katherine and decides to fill his mother in on this latest revelation. Marge wouldn't have known that Billy went to Hong Kong so that's proof positive for Billy.

Jill is still not buying that it's Katherine and decides to play along for Billy's sake and seeks out Katherine. While this is going down, Katherine gets word that her dental records have gone MIA. Feeling down and bad for all of her loves ones involved with having their emotions stirred up because of her claims, Katherine decides to live as Marge. When Jill walks in the hospital room, she hears Katherine declare that she is Marge. This revelation leads Jill to Nikki and lets her know that Marge finally admitted to being herself and that she was trying to con them yet again. As they are discussing Marge/Katherine, Nikki receives a package and it contains Katherine's missing emerald ring.

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Once she is released from the hospital, Katherine bumps into Nikki and sees that Nikki's wearing her ring. Katherine decides that she's going to claim her old life and tries to tell Nikki she's really Katherine and begs for her to believe what she's saying. Nikki doesn't budge on her stance that Katherine is really Marge and Katherine is hell bent on Nikki finally realizing that she's the real deal. Katherine believes that Nikki's the link to her proving that she's her old friend. She also knows she's going to have to strain her brain for memories of her and Nikki in order for her dearest friend to realize who she says she is.

Phyllis/Nick/Sharon/Jack: Nick decides to stay true to Phyllis and Sharon leans on Jack. Joshua Morrow fans, the actor will be offscreen for a bit while he is on vacation. The show will write it as Victor sending him to China.

Adam: He's released into Victor's care when it looks as though he's going blind.

Victor/Ashley: At Victor's birthday party, Ashley tells the Black Knight that she's pregnant and Victor in turns announces the news to everyone attending his party. Ashley is a bit upset that Victor announced her pregnancy at his party in such a public fashion, but the reaction should be on the couple's mind. Crickets can be heard when the news is told and Phyllis deflects it by talking about how wonderful the news is. Right at that moment, Nikki happens to pass by and hears the news and disappears without making herself known. Nikki takes a trip down memory lane remembering when Nick was born. The news spreads and it seems the general consensus is not that it is not happy news. When Jack gets wind of it you can bet he is not breaking out cigars!

Estella, the Newman housekeeper pays Nikki a visit and lets it be known that she can't stand Ashley and that she shouldn't be at the ranch. Estella also lets Nikki know she's scared that Victor and Ashley might get hitched. Call Estella psychic because Victor does pop the question to Ashley, who tells him that they both need to wait a while before getting hitched. Ash is very hesitant on getting married to Victor once again because of his treatment toward Adam. She is also wary of the fact that Victor became unhinged when Sabrina and their baby died.