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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Clearly Tracy and Matt were the voice of the fans today. Tracy asks why Rebecca is still in town, despite knowing anyone and having her place of employment burn down. There was no answer to that from Ms. Shaw.

I liked that Rebecca went back to the Qs to apologize to Monica. Monica is the only one in that whole scenario that I feel badly for. Yes, Nikolas loved Emily and lost her, but Monica lost her child after several other personal losses, so she trumps Nikolas in my book.

As for Matt, he listened to what Patrick was telling him, came to the same conclusion that everyone else has regarding the fact that Robin has post partum depression and offered the solution of a psychiatrist. Unfortunately, Patrick turned schizophrenic on him and denied there was anything wrong with Robin, despite the fact that he was the one who brought up the issue in the first place. I loved that Matt pointed out that the psychiatrist also sees PPD dads.

Carly/Sonny: Very rarely do I enjoy a Sonny scene, but I will force myself to admit that I liked this one. I thought it was well acted on both actors’ parts. No histrionics from Carly and no strange speech or misogynistic moments from Sonny. Just two parents dealing with the same trauma in different ways. I also like that Sonny had the forethought to go to Patrick to ask questions about this new procedure. Of course, he got Robin instead, but still...

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How is it that Robin gets to decide to work at another hospital full time? I have this picture in my head of some weeny guy in the Mercy Hospital human resources office, wringing his hands and wondering where all this extra staff came from!

Both Nikolas and Luke are only mediocre characters for me, but get them into a scene together and they really are quite amazing, like that Luke can relate to what Nikolas is thinking and feeling. Although I did wonder why Luke didn’t question the possibility that Helena was pulling Rebecca’s strings and that it’s not a coincidence that she showed up in town with Emily’s face. It may not be coming from Helena (because these writers aren’t that original) but someone has to mention it.

Claudia/Michael: So this is how they’re going to write themselves out of that corner? She’s been visiting him every week and begging his forgiveness? I’m supposed to believe that Carly (or Jax or Jason) has never run into her on her visits? No, sorry. I like Claudia, but even I have a hard time seeing any redemption for her part in this mess.