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Is General Hospital Headed For a Casting Bloodbath?

DC's Regan has been talking about possible casting drama taking place at General Hospital ever since news of the massive ABC pay cuts first broke. Now comes news from TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco that the jobs and/or contractual statuses of Leslie Charleson (Monica), Megan Ward (Kate), Greg Vaughan (Lucky)and Rebecca Herbst (Liz)are on shaky ground and that Rick Hearst's (Ric) future with the soap isn't looking to bright either. I'd love to say I'm surprised, but I'm not.

Charleson plays a Quartermaine, and GH has made it all-too clear how they feel about this insanely-popular family. In recent years they've killed off Emily, Alan and Justus and wrote out Ned and Dillon, plus Charleson is over 40 and we know how Brian Frons feels about older actors on his soaps!


Ward was very popular opposite Maurice Benard (Sonny), in fact the Skate pairing made Sonny bearable for the first time since Tamara Braun left the show, and seemed to energize Benard's performance, however in a misguided attempt to recapture lightening in a bottle between Benard and Sarah Brown, Kate has been written into a corner for months.  

Vaughan, we hear,  has never been a favorite of the brass, who reportedly don't buy him as leading man material, and backburnering Herbst, well isn't that always this soap's go-to move? Despite the fact that Herbst has managed to inspire just as large and vocal a fanbase as other actresses on the soap who receive much for promotional support from the network, and that she portrays a veteran heroine from the soap's founding family, Herbst hasn't quite had her chance to go to the ball since Jonathan Jackson left the soap. 

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Then there's Hearst, who came thisclose not to re-signing his contract last time and was reportedly promised a big storyline with Sarah Brown (Claudia). We see where that went.

If some of these casting nightmares (like the one about Rebecca Herbst) proves true, this soap won't have me sticking my neck out to defend it on DC podcasts anymore and you can take that one to the bank!