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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers!

Owen receives a cryptic message from Bridget. Are TPTB going to finally give us something meaty and coherent for “Browen”? I’m not holding my breath.


Rick finds himself in a volatile situation.

The Fabulous Baker Boys (Charlie and his father, Lt. Baker) work on the arson case. Keep your eyes peeled for hot dogs.

It sounds like they’ll be interviewing Owen and getting information which points towards Pam’s guilt.

On Wednesday, March 11th, an arrest is made and archenemies sarcastically apologize to each other. Pam is going to be the one banged up, and I’d guess Donna is the one trading insults with dear ol’ Pammy.

Stephanie thinks the wrong person has been arrested and discusses it with Taylor.

Donna is left “uncovered and agitated” after an encounter with Stephanie.

New motives in Rick’s case are revealed.

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Taylor calls Ridge for help, and he leaves Brooke alone in bed.

Rick and Steffy are interrupted.

Ridge and Taylor effectively kidnap their daughter, Steffy, in a bid to make her see that Rick is wrong for her. Steffy manages to contact Rick, but she is forbidden from seeing him.

Rick tries to undermine Brooke and Ridge’s relationship by pointing out the amount of time Taylor is spending with Ridge. Brooke feels insecure.

Stephanie tells Brooke that Ridge always turns to Taylor in difficult times.

Brooke tells Stephanie that Ridge will never go back to Taylor. Hmm, I guess it must be happening then!

Stephanie accuses Marcus and Donna of setting up Pam.

Stephanie vows to free her sister Pam, and she has a warning for Rick.

Brian Genesse reprises his role as Rocco Carner on March 12th. He was previously involved with both Katie and Donna and was last seen on B&B back in 1989. It is rumored that Rocco has been working for Forrester International for years (offscreen) and may have a connection to Rick because of this.