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All My Children Spoilers

Hi all! Superposter checking in with your SUPER-SPOILERS for the upcoming week and down the road! Charles Pratt has a lot of surprises in store for AMC viewers in March. Here is a glimpse:


Little A's custody hearing: Amanda reneges on her promise to JR to testify on his behalf that she made him fall off the wagon when David promises her that he will continue to allow JR to believe the child is his (David gains this leverage thanks to Krystal). True to form, David reneges on his promise to Amanda when he informs JR immediately after the hearing that he (David) is the daddy. JR lashes out at Amanda.

Adam/Little A: On Monday Adam, with Erica's help, flees the country with Little A, fearful that David (now armed the proof of JR's unsuitableness as single parent after Krystal finds Little A drunk while in his "care") will gain custody. How will David react when he finds out his grandson is missing? Speaking of David's offspring...

Jake/Amanda: Jake promises to protect Amanda and her baby from David. The former lovers hatch a plan where Amanda will leave Pine Valley to give birth and put the baby up for adoption only to return with a fake death certificate. AMC is casting characters to play out this scheme as you read this.

Ryan/Kendall: Greenlee left a surprise in her will for Ryan; Jack informs him that in light of Greenlee's death he gained her share of control in Fusion. Kendall informs her new business partner that Fusion's future looks bleak. Ryan assures her that he will help Fusion get back on its feet. DOWN THE ROAD: Kendall will see Zach leaving the casino with Reese and assume the worst. Zach denies an affair but admits he did want to have sex with Reese (get in line buddy). Later, after going to identify "Greenlee's" body, Ryan and Kendall turn to one another for comfort and make love on March 17.

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Zach/Kendall: The Slaters throw accusations around swifter than Reese in Zach's grasp flies about a room. Zach insists Kendall still loves Ryan while Kendall accuses Zach of having an affair with tonsil-hockey partner, Reese. Kendall admits she does have feelings for Ryan on Wednesday. When push comes to shove, Zach walks out on Kendall and moves into the casino. On Friday he warns Kendall about what he perceives as Ryan's motives for getting close to her; she asks Ryan to swear he is not using her to get to Zach.

Zach/Reese: Zach will stay by Reese's side during her upcoming surgery. Bianca writes Reese a letter and Zach will read it to her. Oh, and they make out at the end of the week. AMC's new supercouple? They are one to keep an eye on (no pun intended, Reese).

Opal/Kathy: On Thursday Opal and Kathy are caught in a burning Cortlandt Manor when Opal accidentally sets it on fire. Brot plays hero when he puts aside his fears and, running into the burning manor, rescues Opal. Tad thanks Taylor for saving Kathy's life. However, another piece of AMC's rich history is gone when it burns to the ground, and Opal and Pete find themselves broke when they get news that Palmer was swindled out of all his money.

Aidan: Aidan agrees to help Zach take on Ryan on the condition he guarantees that Annie will not do jail time, using a naive Pete in his plan. As for Aiden and his supposed new love (making) interest, Crazy Annie? TV Guide's Nelson Branco reports the show is close to casting a new lover for her.

Frankie/Randi: Randi confronts Frankie for not telling her he has been redeployed to Iraq. DOWN THE ROAD: "Will you marry me?"

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