General Hospital Promo and A Few More Scoops!

In my haste to get SPOILERS up, I left some stuff out. Here’s a quickie…

Carly turns to Jason for some advice on Michael. I mentioned Jason not believing that Carly Roberts Spencer Quartermaine Corinthos Alcazar Corinthos Jacks would ever give up on her son. Will it take Jason to remind Carly she’s not a quitter? Who does Sonny turn to? Luke.

Robin and the PPD… The good doc gets a call and takes off to the hospital. Too bad the new mom forgets she had Emma with her and leaves the baby at Kelly’s. Did anyone notice the left alone tot?

Elizabeth and Rebecca… Will the two ladies recapture the friendship that was Elizabeth and Emily? We’ve talked about Elizabeth having her suspicions towards the new girl in town and some of it comes from Liz seeing NotEmily with Lucky. But is there more to Elizabeth’s distrust? SPOILERS have Rebecca dishing on her past with Nurse Weber.

More on Ethan and Luke… Is the newbie causing troubles for Luke and his cowboy? Seems to be happening. I would once again like to remind these writers that Lucky is a Spencer.

Claudia suggests Sonny throws a party… What for? To announce that he’s back in the business. When did he really leave?

Spinelli may need to leave the country. Is this why Maxie is declaring her undying love? What if he winds up able to stay in Port Chuck? Will she retract and go for Johnny? Maybe the garage will bring back memories as SPOILERS say Johnny is opening shop.