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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 03.09.09


Sorry for missing Friday…

Spinelli is targeted by art thieves. That’s who that lady was in the pics from last week. But is it his heart that may get stolen? RUMORS have Maxie laying it all on the line for Spinelli. Telling him that she loves him. The very words the Jackal has longed to hear. But what about Winnie? She obviously has a crush on the Jackal and I just don’t see the Priestess walking away. Throw in the RUMORED JoMax kiss that’s coming up and I say Spinelli is still very much on the market. Despite Maxie and Johnny swearing the kiss meant nothing, Lulu and Spinelli MAY be seeing those same sparks plenty of fans see. After all Spixie’s been through, would Spinelli give up on his girl over a kiss?

Who’s not giving up is Carly and Jax. RUMORS had trouble ahead when the honeymoon ends but that MAY no longer be the case. Oh and there is a honeymoon period coming up as Carly and Jax are SPOILED to be renewing their vows. In the soap world that usually spells trouble. Like I said, those RUMORS seem to be shelved for now as they will have Michael’s treatment to contend with and Carly giving up hope on Mr. Man. I’m still seeing that both Robin and Patrick consult on Michael’s case but the LATEST has Matt getting in on the action as well. But back to Carly… Any longtime fan knows that it doesn’t take much to pull Carly away from Jax and back into Sonny’s world. Surely, with Michael waking up that’s bound to happen, right? Usually pulling Carly back into Sonny’s orbit causes problems for Carly and Jax.

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Ethan… I’m still not a fan and there is only one way to make me one; by making Ethan a Scorpio. Is that happening? Not sure. It could be FanFic or it MAY be a plan on the horizon. Either way, there SHOULD be plenty of Ethan and Lulu scenes coming up. Is it just me or is Lulu even more annoying opposite Ethan? There’s more annoyance to come as Lulu finds out that Lucky and Ethan didn’t hit it off either and will take Mr. Lovett to task after hearing that the two traded blows on the docks. Of course when Lulu gets all shrieky with a boy that usually means she likes him.

Scrubs Stuff… Patrick has his stuff coming up with NASCAR driver Jeff Burton. Coleman sighting! YAY! More of Robin struggling with her Post Partum and possibly putting Emma in danger. Elizabeth will factor into Scrubs’ story as a confidant for Patrick.


Is Jason in too deep with the Feds? What options will he have? If he’s gone, they have no head to hold Spinelli’s freedom over, right?

CRAZY and RANDOM RUMORS… Has Greg Vaughn already been dropped to recurring status? Are those firings happening soon? Who MIGHT Sam be waking up in bed with? Helena’s return…is she connected to Rebecca? Could it be Helena who is on the other end of Rebecca’s phone? Will Helena mix it up with any other Cassadines? One that’s getting a little older MAY be meeting the family matriarch. Wishful thinking or a resurgence of the Cassadines?


FanFic or SPOILER? Trouble ahead for the Corinthos Kids? If your dad was married to the woman responsible for a bullet in your head, would you be happy for the newlyweds? Ever since the RUMORS started about Michael coming out of the coma, they all pointed to an aged Michael being a handful for his parents. RUMOR has it that Michael MAY be spending some time with the Q’s. What about Claudia? Is there a major redemption in the works for the character? There’s a pesky RUMOR still out there that there was a second shooter. What about Kristina? Is someone trying to get Daddy’s attention?