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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I liked that there were so many different characters today. Most of them were talking to or about Sonny or Michael, but still, I’ve got to get my positives in somehow.

Spin/Win: Make it stop. Whoever is torturing me with these two in this incredibly lame, annoying and silly story, please end it. Did Winifred quit her job so she can puppy dog after Spinelli? Some random new chick drugs him? My head is spinning and not in a good way.

Jason/Maxie and Maxie/Sam: While I get Maxie’s concern with Spinelli (he is an idiot, after all) I don’t understand why she needs to go after him. The guy managed to survive for years before he met Jason and the gang, so why is everyone suddenly afraid that he can’t walk without falling down? Actually, he just got drugged by some bimbo, so I guess that’s my answer.

Scrubs: Maybe I’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid, but Robin was starting to make a little sense today. If you forget the fact that she might be postpartum depressed and look at the picture without that clouding the waters, she’s tired of being a stay at home mom and wants to go back to work. It makes perfect sense. Patrick comes home and poops all over that idea, as though it’s the strangest thing in the world for her to want to get a nanny and go back to work. Then has the nerve to comment on how he takes care of Emma when he’s home. Well duh, you are her parent too. Maybe Patrick should check his calendar and see that we’re not in 1950 anymore. Either that or the writers need to write this a little clearer because I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to be siding with the sick one.

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I liked the Sonny/Luke scene. My hatred for Sonny dims a little when he’s in scenes with Luke.

I liked the Jason/Carly scene. It made sense for her to go to him to have him confirm what she had already decided and I thought Laura Wright did a bang up job in that scene.

I liked the Nik/Alexis scene and I wish there were more of them.

Kate/Claudia: Why do I get the feeling they’re letting Megan Ward go? They’re writing Kate so far out there, that I’m guessing someone (ie. Claudia, Johnny) is going to take her out or she’ll end up needing a room at Shadybrook.

By the way, did the hospital staff have a memorial service for Layla, or Ric for Trevor?